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'Money page' link building success: don't skip these three critical elements

'Money page' link building success: don't skip these three critical elements

BrightonSEO San Diego - James Wirth, Citation Labs

It's time to get meta with our link building. James will showcase solutions to challenging aspects that are critical to the success of a campaign - and are particularly crucial when building links to sales landing pages.

In his talk, James will provide an approach to answering the three questions that often go under-explored or overlooked altogether:
1: What pages do we build links to, and how many links do we need?
2: When creating content to support links, what topics, niches do we even pursue?
3: How do we know what impact the links have had, and whether we have a positive ROI?

These critical questions are incredibly challenging without a framework or the right tools, but will largely determine the success of a campaign, far beyond the impact of the individual backlinks themselves.

James Wirth

November 09, 2023

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  1. @jameswirth Part I: My origin story Completely devoid of: •

    radioactive spiders • resulting powers • super-sweet dance moves
  2. @jameswirth If you’re new to link building, I’ve got a

    few free copies… And this will all be relevant so PLEASE DON’T LEAVE!
  3. @jameswirth These Top 3 factors (ha): Comparative Link Analysis Impact

    Driven Reporting Strategic Content Creativity
  4. @jameswirth Company Market Share vs. Competitor Referring Domains Competitor Referring

    Domains Market Share Company Market Share Competitor Referring Domains
  5. @jameswirth Mxon GIFs Only ONE of the agencies agreed to

    build links directly to money pages - 5 agencies - Differing tactics - Same budget - 6 months
  6. @jameswirth The First 4 Agencies Link 1 Link 2 Link

    3 Link 4 Link 5 Link 6 Link 7 Link 8 Link 9 Link 10 Link 11 Link 12 Link 13 Link 14 Link 15 Link 16 Link 17 Link 18 Link 19 Link 20 Link 21 Link 22 Link 23 Link 25 Link 26 Link 27 Link 28 Link 29 Thank you very much!
  7. @jameswirth Month 2 Month 4 Month 6 Month 2 Month

    4 Month 6 Month 2 Month 4 Month 6 Month 2 Month 4 Month 6 Schmytation Schmabs Thank you very much! Links were built to money pages
  8. @jameswirth In-house SEO James sheet-a-tizing the report from Schmytation Schmabs

    sheetatize [SHE-duh-tie’-z] verb 1. Data. To convert, transform, or otherwise transfer content from its original version, to a spreadsheet.
  9. @jameswirth With the now Sheetatized data, I: • Added a

    control, aggregated data • Analyzed the findings • Pages improved + outperformed! • Money rained down like magic
  10. @jameswirth Garrett: I’ll bet you Some side work James: I

    raise you to fulltime work Garrett: CALL!
  11. @jameswirth Early Excel version 1. Report for “In-house SEO James”

    2. Get feedback from clients 3. Time to expand! Buy or build? Part II: Impact Reporting
  12. @jameswirth The two-fold goal of our reporting tool: Communicate the

    impact the engagement is having to our stakeholders Empower stakeholders to showcase performance & ROI to their higher-ups 1. 2.
  13. @jameswirth Data is measured: • Over time • Against a

    control • Segmented Core model driven by organic rank Secondary metrics: • Share of Voice • Page Authority • Total ranking KW count
  14. @jameswirth Initially (may also affect other rank-driven metrics) As the

    number of ranking keywords goes UP The average rank gets worse
  15. @jameswirth 1. We now use ranking KW growth as a

    leading indicator 2. Strong correlation between KW count and avg. rank 3. Avg. rank initially worsens across every segment Reporting on average rank, and ranking KW count:
  16. @jameswirth Our A/B testing-style model: Rank-driven, time series-based + Measuring:

    M/M, P/P + vs. control + Calculations: % chg, % diff = Game changer
  17. @jameswirth Topics covered include: 1) Why CL built a reporting

    tool 2) Benefits of the A/B testing-style format 3) Earning trust / showcasing value to higher-ups • Setting Expectations / getting buy-in upfront • Forecasting ROI • Answering the central question • Practitioner metrics vs. what your CMO cares about James’s Magnum Opus on Impact Reporting
  18. @jameswirth Part III: Deep Competitor Backlink Analysis Task List TASK

    COMPLETE BY Land a superulstraextremeawesomeamazing job 2020 Build out impact report model and web app Circa 2021 2022(ish) How many links are needed? Which pages need links? Need to find an answer for: Oh – you need to know which Pages – right...
  19. @jameswirth Topics covered: 1. Link analysis to select pages and

    determine link needs 3. Impact reporting to measure and highlight outcomes 2. HELPFUL CONTENT
  20. @jameswirth Helpful content - even more important for money pages

    Why? “Give special scrutiny to pages on YMYL topics…” -Google Quality Rater Guidelines, section 8.0 - Dec 2022 (<strong> + <i> added for emphasis)</strong></i>) YMYL is often discussed by SEOs at the DOMAIN level But per Google Rater Guidelines: MYL YMYL
  21. @jameswirth The development of all forms and fashion of linking

    types has never improved on the original, and no amount of cleverness will ever change one universal truth: - @garrettfrench The less useful your content, the less likely you are to ever receive a link to it. Useful Content Earns Links “ ”
  22. @jameswirth Its uniqueness Its utility for the intended audience It

    meets the needs of the reader’s query Signals various components of E-E-A-T Its click data (ALLEDGEDLY) All of the above and a whole lot more What makes content helpful? Check all that apply:
  23. @jameswirth For small consumer decisions: • A user placing a

    grocery delivery order covers the needs of the family • Purchase of a new dog leash for Fido and their tethered humans Your audience: a collection of decision participants Each family member impacted is a purchase decision participant. Even Fido!
  24. @jameswirth For mid-sized+ B2B decisions: • end-users • administrators/implementers •

    non-user beneficiaries • final deciders • external advisors Your audience: a collection of decision participants All of these participants are ‘paying’ in some way – with money, time, workload, worry, anxiety, etc.
  25. @jameswirth This concept is not new… “Who Really Does the

    Buying?” HBR Magazine Published May 1982 Author: Thomas V. Bonoma https://hbr.org/1982/05/who-really-does-the-buying ‘Members of the buying center and their roles’
  26. @jameswirth Enter: Audiences! Audiences!: • Empowers an understanding of all

    stakeholders • Enables helpful content-focused, E-E-A-T-supporting signals Strategic, contextually relevant creativity aligned to the needs of decision participants Framework guiding Strategic content creativity aligned to the needs of stakeholders Audiences! predicts the most helpful types of expertise based on the stakeholders, roles, and topics that are generated, to guide you down the right content development path.
  27. @jameswirth Enter: Audiences! Audiences!: • Empowers an understanding of all

    stakeholders • Enables helpful content-focused, E-E-A-T-supporting signals Strategic, contextually relevant creativity aligned to the needs of decision participants Framework guiding Strategic content creativity aligned to the needs of stakeholders Because helpful content is only helpful when it meets the needs of all stakeholders
  28. @jameswirth 1. On-page, link-justifying content We call these citable elements:

    - a relevant data study - FAQs to help weigh options - FUQs that anticipate needs Example of a citable element for an inventory software money page, using content from Audiences!
  29. @jameswirth 2. Topical-focused referring page content Baymard: 55% of major

    e-comm sites had ”decent” or better UX scores. Forget about adding citable elements, regardless of value or relevance Audiences! provides outputs to add off- site topical relevance signals. A unique benefit of editorial links like digital PR and guest posts. https://baymard.com/research/product-page
  30. @jameswirth But it’s REALLY hard. • Incredibly time-consuming • DOES

    NOT scale • Requires mad content skills • Must be a S.M.E. This is only page 1 of an 8-page worksheet to develop Audiences! for a SINGLE MONEY PAGE! Ahead of it’s time…
  31. @jameswirth Re-Introducing Audiences! - AI Powered Audiences! is the best:

    • use of generative AI, and • content strategy framework - James Audiences! P.O.C.
  32. @jameswirth Stakeholders Key Roles Topics Citable Elements Powerful MUCH faster

    More robust Re-Introducing Audiences! - AI Powered
  33. @jameswirth The value of Audiences! is the value to your

    audiences Strategic content creativity and money page link building at a new level
  34. @jameswirth For more information… - For the link to the

    ROI forecast spreadsheet - To sign up for the beta for link gap analysis 2.0 - To subscribe to our newsletter for updates on Audiences! - To get the prompts to generate stakeholders, roles and topics: