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Service Deck

Takahiro Ishii

November 03, 2023

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  1. Confidential Takahiro Ishii CEO & Co-Founder ・Graduated from Waseda University

    SILS in 2021 ・Studied in Michigan, U.S.A. for one year(GPA3.93) ・Joined EY Strategy and Consulting as a Consultant in 2021 ・Produced Cosmetics for famous Japanese YouTuber in 2022 ・Director for NFT project「ニコニコ超会議」「ずっと真夜中でいいのに」 ・ In July 2022, founded 「Zero3」with co-founder Mr. Shibata CEO Profile
  2. Company Zero3 Co., Ltd. Address 3F, Akasaka Akasaka Arkhiruzu-moribuilding Minato-ku

    Tokyo Establishment 26/7/2022 Representative Takahiro Ishii Business Offshore development, consulting, media operations Capital stock 41,000,000 JPY Confidential Company
  3. Confidential “One genius engineer should be hired instead of 100

    mediocre engineers” Impact of Wizards Engineers Jim Keller https://www.itmedia.co.jp/news/articles/2303/28/news126.html < Jim Keller Biography > A genius engineer who has worked for AMD, Apple, Intel, and Tesla. He has worked on the "A4" used in the iphone4 and AMD's Athlon. ↑ Currently selling hardware such as servers and expansion boards specialized in AI technology
  4. Confidential Challenges in Hiring Engineers The higher the talent level,

    the more difficult it is to hire ・Japan will have a shortage of up to 790,000 IT professionals by 2030 ・The ratio of job offers for CXO level positions is said to be more than 100 times ・Demand will increase due to DX needs such as AI and robot technology. ・Increasing number of startups and demand for product development We should actively utilize global human resources
  5. Confidential Even Wizards-Class Overseas Engineers Have Troubles Changing Jobs in

    Japan Background of Overseas Engineers ・Many daily routine tasks (mismatch between jobs) ・The salary level is not right ・I want to change jobs, but don't know who can talk to about it. https://rc.persol-group.co.jp/thinktank/column/202101290001.html Highly skilled personnel unable to change jobs that continues to increase
  6. Confidential Our unique network enables companies to take advantage of

    Wizards talent What is Wizards Bank? 1 2 3 Recruitment platform for carefully selected "Wizards" engineer Match full-time employees with side jobs in packs SNS links provide a wide variety of places to check user data ( At present, the number of registered engineers is 30, mainly from the Indian Institute of Technology, and will increase to 100 by the end of the year ) ( Providing a variety of opportunities for world-class, highly capable engineering talent ) (Github, Qiita, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn )
  7. Network with Other Countries Confidential Starting in August, we will

    aggressively move to build our overseas network → To Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Dubai (10 countries this year) Singapore Taiwan Dubai BBQ Party with CEO Tsuji Leading people in the BCG Exchange with 10 entrepreneurs Building a business strategy to enter the Japanese market GITEX, the World's Largest AI Event 4,200 companies from 130 countries
  8. Our Value and Strength Confidential Successfully surrounded more than 30

    engineers (job applicants) who are from IIT ・AI, Machine Learning, Data Engineers ・Cloud and mobile engineers ・Software and backend engineers we will expand our business beyond India, especially to acquire AI engineers in Taiwan Professor, National Taiwan University 葉丙成 (Benson) ・Facebook 26k followers ・Collaboration with Taiwan AI Talent
  9. Definition of Wizards Human Resources Confidential Wizards" human resources are

    defined as those who have graduated from prestigious universities abroad + our own criteria Prestigious universities abroad Domestic and Foreign Universities technical school Wizards Bank What can Wizards Bank do for you? ・Matching "Wizards" to companies ・Both full-time/part-time can be implemented ・ More than 30 graduates from IIT GPA3.5↑ Awards Career
  10. Flow of Introduction Confidential Can be started in as little

    as 3 business days Start Date Contract Supporter Kick off MTG Matching Start Determine start date Cloudsign for contract Ishii will be in charge Kick off for start Strategy for hiring *MTG could be skipped
  11. Price List Confidential Trial Monthly Fee $ 0 Post 1

    job for free Standard Monthly Fee $1,500 Unlimited scouting Concierge Monthly Fee $3,500 professional consultants support your recruitment We do not charge any performance fees for hiring
  12. Partnerships Confidential https://www.qrata.co/ https://www.designpeeps.net/ https://rinteractives.com/ HR platform for top talent

    in India over 20,000 talents and 30,000 followers on LinkedIn In partnership with Zero3, we will jointly leverage Indian talent Design firm of Dubaiʻs top designers (CEO:member of YC) Handling design projects in U.S., Europe and the Middle East In partnership with Zero3, design collaboration in Japan Overseas marketing support in Dubai (CEO: Stanford MBA) Strong US expansion and support for India and Dubai-based Jointly realizing expansion of Japanese companies with Zero3