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Choose Your Adventure!

Kyle Neath
April 28, 2012

Choose Your Adventure!

Designers can't be developers and companies who build web apps can't build desktop apps. Well, maybe in 1997 — but it's 2012. Things done changed. It's time to focus on building amazing companies full of fantastic people. Build amazing apps that people love to use. Screw false specialization, iOS shops, and mobile-only products. We're people building apps for other people to use on technofantastical devices of tomorrow.

Kyle Neath

April 28, 2012


  1. > Please enter cheat code... > > Skipping Stage 1:

    Learn Ubuntu > Please continue building rad shit
  2.  WWDC 1997 e way you get programmer productivity is

    not by increasing the lines of code per programmer per day. at doesn’t work.
  3.  WWDC 1997 e way you get programmer productivity is

    by eliminating lines of code you have to write.
  4. Network Ops Business Executive Copywriter Visual Designer UX Designer Sysadmin

    Assembly Hacker Kernel Hacker Mac Developer Marketer
  5. 1997 I want to be a proficient Visual Designer and

    play around as a Mac Developer Proficient
  6. 2012 I want to be a master Visual Designer and

    a proficient Mac Developer Proficient Mastered TOOLS and a proficient Marketer! and learn me some Unix!
  7. GitHub is a web shop mac shop java shop iphone

    shop windows shop android shop
  8. Our windows developer Loves to work on the web api

    windows  needs  a  good  api the  api  needs  good  clients
  9. Our iPhone developer Now works on a CoffeeScript app Got

    sick of iOS development everyone  needs  change everyone  wants  to  learn