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Code Review - It is not about you (it is about me)

January 04, 2024

Code Review - It is not about you (it is about me)

A LT about code review - why people are sometimes scared of it/don't want to do it and how to deal with it and have a more healthy approach. Heavily based on what I am saying as a speaker, with slides being just a visual help, but I do enjoy this talk anyway.


January 04, 2024


  1. Kick off 1. Getting a degree in intellectual property taught

    me that: a. All artists are prostitutes 2. Also, remember that “Code is art”
  2. Do not be scared of reviewing/getting a review! I’ve seen

    too many people be scared of publishing Pull Requests or writing a review because: 1. I do not want people to be mean to me 2. I do not want to be mean to people 3. I’ve got not time (both to review, or get reviewed) 4. It is pointless 5. I don’t want to argue 6. I do not want to be held accountable for not my code, that I approve 7. I’m a little bi<<*
  3. Your code? Is it? 1. Your code is most likely

    from Stack Overflow or AI, anyway so it is not yours 2. Even if it is not, it stops being just yours when it gets merged 3. You are selling it anyway you moron! 4. It is a part of a bigger codebase, shared codebase. It is everyone's responsibility
  4. How no to be mean? 1. Do not treat the

    code you write, as “your code” 2. Do not get emotionally attached to code 3. Do not treat someones else code as just “their code” 4. Do not use personal language to receiver, make it about YOU 5. If you are suggesting a change, always explain why 6. Explain your PR’s
  5. If it pointless - you made it so! (And I

    will choke you if you keep talking like that) We do not argue - we discuss