Araf Karsh has over 25+ years of experience leading the design and development of mission-critical, object-oriented, and web-based applications for premier organizations, including Bank of America, CIBC, Johnson & Johnson, Kaiser Permanente, and the U.S. Department of State, and the U.S. Dept of Energy. Karsh has an established track record leading production software organizations and bringing new products to market using leading-edge technology.

He has extensive knowledge of Agile, Big Data, Containers, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Blockchain, DevSecOps, Kubernetes Kafka, Microservices (Domain Driven Design, Event Sourcing & CQRS), RPA, SOA, Service Mesh (Istio), Zero Trust.

His career can be divided into 4 Phases.
1. For the first eight years, he worked in distributed computing, building distributed applications deployed across 20 cities in India connected through a Wide Area Network in the early & mid-1990s.
2. In the next eight years, he focused on Security, building the Industry's first SIEM solution, and Architected and built the Industry's first & high-speed Event Correlation Engine primarily used by U.S. Govt organizations & other large enterprises. The SIEM Product led Gartner Magic Quadrant in the early 2000s.
3. In the next eight years, he focused on building cloud solutions in Security, GRC, and building low code platforms in the late 2000s & mid-2010s.
4. In the next 6+ Years, he combined all this knowledge to build highly scalable Cloud-Native Apps using Design Thinking, Microservices, DevSecOps, Containers, K8s, and Zero Trust landscape.

He is passionate about Elastic Engineering Training & Mentoring. Through Manipal University/Jigsaw Academy/UNext. Karsh handled hands-on workshops for Dell, Philips, Baxter, Publicis Sapient, Walmart, etc., and direct customers like Reliance Industries, Nutanix, Glassbeam & Aditya Birla Group, etc.

Karsh focuses on Designing and architecting innovative solutions for business problems that will be cost-effective while using leading-edge technologies. He uses his leadership skills in team building and technology research while managing the creative aspect of software building, motivating and empowering team members to develop new innovative solutions.

His core strength includes building an I.T. strategy with cutting-edge technologies that align with the organizational goals and vision. He is passionate about creating innovative products around Cloud-Native Apps, IoT, Blockchain, Zero Trust & GRC.

Karsh blogs about his other passions like Relativity and Quantum Physics, Eastern Mysticism, Genetics, evolutionary Biology, Economics, and Technology.

o 7,877,804 B2 U.S. Patent on Comprehensive Security Structure Platform for Network Managers
o U.S. 2011/0289588 A1 Unification of Security Monitoring and IT GRC (Pending)


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