Matthew Skelton is co-author of the award-winning and ground-breaking book _Team Topologies_, and CEO at Conflux. The Team Topologies book was rated one of the ‘Best product management books of all time’ by Book Authority and is widely used by organizations worldwide to transform the way they deliver value.

Matthew is one of the foremost leaders in modern organizational dynamics for fast flow, drawing on Team Topologies and related practices to support organizations with transformation towards a sustainable fast flow of value and true business agility.

A Chartered Engineer (CEng), Matthew brings together principles and practices from multiple disciplines for a holistic approach to digitally-enriched operating models. He combines his experience as a leader and software architect in multiple contexts (GOV.UK, ecommerce, financial services, telecoms, pharma, retail, robotics, etc.) with a strong interest in the human side of organizations for a compassionate and humanistic approach to organizational effectiveness.

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