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Celebrate UTIG: Staff and Student Awards 2021

Celebrate UTIG: Staff and Student Awards 2021

UTIG Staff and Student Awards, delivered May 21, 2021.

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  1. WE’RE THERE Code of Conduct 1st DEAI Committee Krista Soderlund

    Jamin Greenbaum Dillon Buhl Andrew Gase Susanne Morrison Cornelia Rasmussen Angela Reyes Harm Van Avendonk
  2. WE’RE THERE RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS A quarter-mile long rock core gave

    us a new geochronology for the Late Triassic Zircon geochronology and depositional age models for the Upper Triassic Chinle Formation: Implications for Late Triassic paleoecological and paleoenvironmental change Cornelia Rasmussen, Roland Mundil, Randall Irmis, et al. GSA Bulletin More rock cores, different dinos Globally distributed iridium layer preserved within the Chicxulub impact structure Steven Goderis, Honami Sato…, Sean Gulick, Chris Lowery, & the IODP-ICDP Expedition 364 Scientists. Science Advances
  3. WE’RE THERE Adrien Arnulf and James Biemiller uncovered mechanics behind

    slow slip earthquakes Physical conditions and frictional properties in the source region of a slow-slip event Adrien F. Arnulf, James Biemiller, Luc Lavier, Laura M. Wallace, Dan Bassett, Stuart Henrys, et al. Nature Geoscience Could frictional properties explain slip behavior? Slip-rate-dependent friction as a universal mechanism for slow slip events Kyungjae Im, Demian Saffer, Chris Marone & Jean- Philippe Avouac Nature Geoscience RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS
  4. WE’RE THERE STUDENT RESEARCH Brandon Shuck found subduction initiation’s perfect

    storm Strike-Slip Enables Subduction Initiation Beneath a Failed Rift: New Seismic Constraints From Puysegur Margin, New Zealand Brandon Shuck, Harm Van Avendonk, Sean P. S. Gulick, Michael Gurnis, et al. Tectonophysics
  5. WE’RE THERE Brine Migration and Impact-Induced Cryovolcanism on Europa Gregor

    Steinbrügge, Joana Voigt, Natalie Wolfenbarger, Krista Soderlund, Duncan Young, Don Blankenship et al. Researchers Model Source of Eruption on Jupiter’s Moon Europa Geophysical Research Letters RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS
  6. WE’RE THERE A bed topography was published of East Antarctica’s

    last un- surveyed region Bed topography of Princess Elizabeth Land in East Antarctica Xiangbin Cui, Hafeez Jeofry, Jamin Greenbaum, Wei Wei, Duncan Young, Don Blankenship, et al. Earth Systems Science Data Kirk Scanlan cleaned up a lot of ice-penetrating radar sounding data Interferometric discrimination of cross-track bed clutter in ice- penetrating radar sounding data Kirk M. Scanlan, Anja Rutishauser, Duncan Young, and Don Blankenship Annals of Glaciology RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS
  7. WE’RE THERE Greenland ‘Knickpoints’ Could Stall Spread of Glacial Thinning

    Steep Glacier Bed Knickpoints Mitigate Inland Thinning in Greenland Denis Felikson, Ginny Catania, Timothy Bartholomaus, et al. Geophysical Research Letters RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS
  8. WE’RE THERE Ben Stephens modeled how climate change affects tropical

    rainfall Abrupt transitions in an atmospheric single-column model with weak temperature gradient approximation Ben Stephens & Charles Jackson Weather and Climate Dynamics Allison Lawman helped bridge the gap into the paleoclimate record Developing a Coral Proxy System Model to Compare Coral and Climate Model Estimates of Changes in Paleo-ENSO Variability Allison Lawman, Jud Partin, Pedro DiNezio,Terry Quinn, et al. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology STUDENT RESEARCH
  9. WE’RE THERE Researchers Trace Geologic Origins of Gulf of Mexico

    ‘Super Basin’ Success The northern Gulf of Mexico offshore super basin: Reservoirs, source rocks, seals, traps, and successes John Snedden, Bob Cunningham, Jon Virdell AAPG Bulletin: Special Issue RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS
  10. WE’RE THERE UTIG Staff and Students continued to collect more

    top awards, grants, and honors ! PENROSE MEDAL IAN DALZIEL SEG Best Paper Award (again!) REETAM BISWAS PS Arthur James Boucot Research Grant PATTY STANDRING
  11. WE’RE THERE …even more awards ILP Evgeni Burov Medal Thorsten

    Becker JSG Undergrad Student Research Symposium Award Miguel Liu-Schiaffini Fulbright Award Edward Clennett This guy has one too (2019)!
  12. WE’RE THERE … and all these Jackson School Walter Awards!

    Outstanding Educator Sean Gulick Community Partnership, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Ginny Catania Staff Excellence Ben Hester Joseph C. Walter Jr. Excellence John Goff
  13. WE’RE THERE Rob Porritt Yuko Okumura AGU Excellence in Refereeing

    The best referees Laura Wallace Daniel Trugman AGU Excellence in Refereeing WHO REFEREES THE REFEREES?
  14. WE’RE THERE UTIG AT SEA Galveston Bay, TX Trinity River

    Paleoestuary UT Begins Offshore Search for Sand Resources to Protect Texas from Coastal Erosion
  15. WE’RE THERE UTIG ON RAPID RESPONSE Investigating hurricane damage and

    searching for microplastics. Calcasieu Lake, LA
  16. WE’RE THERE New Recruits Bhargav Boddupalli Dunyu Liu Alexey Portnov

    Antoniette Greta Grima Alejandro Cardona John Christian Caroline Seyler Srisharan Shreedharan Mike Tetley Daniel Trugman *2020 Student Cohort *Plus a bunch of others we couldn’t find photos for.
  17. WE’RE THERE So long, farewell! Fred Taylor* Sheree Courney* Steve

    Phillips Jamin Greenbaum* Nick Hayman Rob Porritt *Kidding! Y’all can stay.
  18. The University of Texas at Austin Staff Service Awards Program

    recognizes the importance of the contributions of loyal and committed staff to the continuing success of the university. STAFF SERVICE AWARDS Craig Fulthorpe 30 years Carla Thomas 10 years Donnie Brooks 10 years