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How to explain what you do in 10 sticky, memorable words - BrightonSEO

How to explain what you do in 10 sticky, memorable words - BrightonSEO

Charli Hunt

April 12, 2024

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  1. How to explain what you do in 10 sticky, memorable

    words Charli Hunt PROOF CONTENT linkedin.com/charli-hunt Speakerdeck.com/charlihunt
  2. Positioning & Key Messaging are Best Friends POSITIONING KEY MESSAGING

    Know who you are, what you do, why you do it and who you do it for Creating the strategic narrative to get that across Clarity Memorability Direction Repeatability CONSISTENCY linkedin.com/charli-hunt #BrightonSEO
  3. Weʼzee Ltd provides a unique way to save time and

    money with a suite of carefully designed blended services for SMEs and busy executives worldwide who need to show measurable results in the short and long term across a range of KPIs. But if they fall out with each other: You get this ⬆ linkedin.com/charli-hunt #BrightonSEO
  4. Or worse: You join the other 21m consultancies providing unique

    something or others linkedin.com/charli-hunt #BrightonSEO
  5. As an (abstract) aside… Passionate Professional | Driven to Deliver

    Results | Building Connections & Opportunities A perfectly average LinkedIn user and tagline, courtesy of AI. linkedin.com/charli-hunt #BrightonSEO
  6. Web Designer might not be as sexy and cool as

    Dark Lord Architect Of The Information Age, but it does provide the essential concrete foundation on which to build the pretty stuff. linkedin.com/charli-hunt #BrightonSEO
  7. Concrete v Abstract Fluffy Baloney • Everyone likes to write

    abstract because it’s easy and everyone else does it (including AI) • But *: ◦ It’s more likely to be believed if it’s concrete ◦ It’s more likely to be remembered if it’s concrete ◦ It’s more likely to be understood if it’s concrete * Truth From Language and Truth From Fit: The Impact of Linguistic Concreteness and Level of Construal on Subjective Truth - Hansen & Wänke, Personality & Social Psychology Oct 2010 linkedin.com/charli-hunt #BrightonSEO
  8. Voila: Bazinga! The energy drink for fresh brains and focus!

    You’ll remember: It’s a drink It’s an energy drink Something about brains linkedin.com/charli-hunt #BrightonSEO
  9. • 12 years old • In-house journalists, writers, and business

    people • 4 office dogs • An AI called Pudding linkedin.com/charli-hunt #BrightonSEO
  10. The BROLLY STATEMENT This is hard. Gives you a measure

    of where you stand in your Positioning and what might need work. linkedin.com/charli-hunt #BrightonSEO
  11. WHAT, HOW & WHY What - tricky if youʼve created

    a new category. How - useful for brands in a competitive or commoditised space e.g. agencies explain their process. Why - Harder for larger organisations vs. Founder-led. linkedin.com/charli-hunt #BrightonSEO
  12. Lime - Nourish your network. It’s your network A slow,

    positive way to grow your network No quick fix, AI or automation AND alliteration makes it sticky! linkedin.com/charli-hunt #BrightonSEO