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Google‘s messy middle and what (ecommerce) SEOs need to know about it

Google‘s messy middle and what (ecommerce) SEOs need to know about it

31 categories, 1,000 shoppers per category, 10 purchase simulations per shopper, 310,000 data points: Google's Consumer Insights team recently conducted an extensive experiment to understand how users really arrive at a purchase decision on the Internet. What the findings of this study are and what this means for SEOs you will learn in this presentation.

Florian Elbers

September 16, 2023

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  1. Google‘s messy middle and what (eCommerce) SEOs need to know

    about it Florian Elbers NEOSEO speakerdeck.com/neoseo @florianelbers
  2. Who is speaking? Florian Elbers (he/him) u Freelance SEO-Consultant u

    In SEO since 2009 u Host of SEO Meetup Hamburg u [email protected] u linkedin.com/in/florian-elbers/ u twitter.com/florianelbers @florianelbers 1 #BrightonSEO
  3. Google‘s shopping behaviour experiment u 2 years long study u

    Conducted in light of the pandemic in 2020 @florianelbers 4 #BrightonSEO
  4. Build more specific SEO landing pages u Landing pages for

    „[product] + u [Purpose]“ u [Country of manufacture]“ u [Without XYZ]“ u [With XYZ]“ u [For XYZ]“ u [Against XYZ]“ u [Age]“ u [Target group]“ @florianelbers 13 #BrightonSEO
  5. Key action 1: Ensure brand presence u Be present in

    u SERPS, u Ads, u price comparison sites, u social media platforms, u etc. @florianelbers 14 #BrightonSEO
  6. Key action 2: Employ behavioural science u Consumers are looking

    for reassurance to strengthen their purchase decision during evaluation @florianelbers 15 #BrightonSEO
  7. Key action 3: Close the gap between trigger & purchase

    u Reduce the cognitive burden experienced by consumers while exploring and evaluating @florianelbers 16 https://de.slideshare.net/kloeckner/behemoth-seo-search-strategy-for-huge-websites #BrightonSEO
  8. Thank you & check the study! NEOSEO 17 #BrightonSEO https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/consumer-

    insights/consumer-journey/navigating- purchase-behavior-and-decision-making/