Hi 👋🏽 I’m Ray - a results-driven SEO consultant and social media specialist.

No one ever reads this section.

But if you are here’s a little about me…

I'm all about finding where the digital world's attention is and maximising the reach and impact of my clients' online presence

With a career focused on SEO and social media, I've helped businesses see real results. Here's a quick look at my track record:


↗️ 1000s of organic clicks and impressions gained for websites
↗️ 40% increase in conversions resulting in £1000s of gained revenue
↗️ 300+ links and coverage from creative digital PR campaigns


📈20,000 organic followers gained in 12 months
📈100,000 organic followers gained over 24 months
📈Millions of views acquired across Tik Tok and Instagram

I have been fortunate enough to work with some of leading brands in the UK including Monzo Bank and The Body Shop and other amazing brands across a number of industries and help them grow their digital organic channels

How was all this achieved?

🧠 Clear and realistic goal setting
🧠 Data led decisions
🧠 Throughly researched market and audience analysis
✨Creative content focused campaigns
✨Audience centric community management
✨Influencers, Influencers & Influencer’s

I'm always sharing my insights on the digital marketing world + strategies, so let's connect & share some secrets 🤫



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