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Building Data That Grows With You

Building Data That Grows With You

Presented at BrightonSEO San Diego 2023. Sam shared her top tips for how to build a scalable measurement program to get the right data you can trust without wading through the fluff.

Sam Torres

November 10, 2023

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  1. Building data that grows with you Sam Torres Gray Dot

    Company Speakerdeck.com/SamTorres @SamTorresATL
  2. About Me 2 Chief Digital Officer at Gray Dot Company

    SEO for 13 years, previously a front-end developer Atlanta-based #brightonSEO @SamTorresATL
  3. 4 Access to digital The speed that we can access

    data due to digital properties has made data-driven decision making easier than ever. But at what cost? #brightonSEO @SamTorresATL
  4. So what are we even doing here? 6 Scaling Data

    Scaling Platforms Scaling Insights #brightonSEO @SamTorresATL
  5. 7 Scalability refers to the ability of a system to

    perform well under an increased or expanding workload. #brightonSEO @SamTorresATL
  6. 10 Your findings are only good if you can trust

    the data. Data must be VALID SCALING DATA Make friends with GA4’s debug mode. #brightonSEO @SamTorresATL
  7. Data must be COMPLIANT 11 SCALING DATA Find out if

    these apply to you: GDPR CCPA PIPEDA #brightonSEO @SamTorresATL
  8. 13 Data should be PLANNED while also being FLEXIBLE SCALING

    DATA Create a measurement plan. Technical requirements and stakeholders Events and definitions Implementation documentation #brightonSEO @SamTorresATL
  9. Data should PLAN TO CHANGE 14 SCALING DATA Check and

    re-check your assumptions. Measurement plan how-to & template #brightonSEO @SamTorresATL
  10. What we mean by platform 16 SCALING PLATFORMS Dashboarding Looker

    Studio Tableau Databox Warehouses / Storage BigQuery Redshift Snowflake In-house server/IT team #brightonSEO @SamTorresATL
  11. Dashboards should be performative 17 SCALING PLATFORMS Stop trying to

    make a single dashboard be your end-all, be-all. #brightonSEO @SamTorresATL
  12. Getting more from your dashboards 18 SCALING PLATFORMS Dashboards should

    be themed around what questions the data can answer and the audience who cares Do the heavy lifting of calculations somewhere else Google Sheets / CSV BigQuery #brightonSEO @SamTorresATL
  13. Platforms have limitations 20 SCALING PLATFORMS Google Sheets Too many

    rows and columns Specialize/focus your data BigQuery Repeatedly querying the data and calculating = $$$ #brightonSEO @SamTorresATL
  14. 21 Do NOT directly query BigQuery in Looker Studio, use

    preset (made by you) query results instead. Avoiding BigQuery sticker shock SCALING DATA Guide on cost & query build tools #brightonSEO @SamTorresATL
  15. Use meaningful visualizations 23 SCALING INSIGHTS Focus on trends over

    element quantity Benefit from color psychology #brightonSEO @SamTorresATL
  16. Lean on the psychology of color 25 SCALING INSIGHTS Avoid

    red – it steals the show and is often not accessible Primer on color #brightonSEO @SamTorresATL
  17. Customize your comms 27 SCALING INSIGHTS Right size reporting to

    your audience Consider business KPIs, and the KPIs for each team #brightonSEO @SamTorresATL