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Avoid SEO Horror Stories with Monitoring! - BrightonSEO April 2023

Avoid SEO Horror Stories with Monitoring! - BrightonSEO April 2023

SEO Horror Stories. Deindexed website, broken links, faulty response codes, ... Some of it will happen for sure to any SEO.
In this talk, I walk you through my method to try and avoid them as much as possible : monitoring.
Learn how to setup your own alerting system, using off the shelf tools or home-made scripts, and a few tips and tricks to make it better. There might be a few bonus if you pay attention ;)

Julien Deneuville

April 21, 2023

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  1. @diije #BrightonSEO • Young Search Personality @ SMX Paris 2018

    • Oncrawl Ambassador • Twitter : @diije • Blog : databulle.com/blog Hello, my name is Julien • From Reims, France 🍾 • 12+ years XP • Freelancer since 2017 • Tech SEO / Data / Python
  2. @diije #BrightonSEO Phone call « Hey Julien, our website is

    disappearing from Google, can you check what’s going on plz? »
  3. @diije #BrightonSEO C’est cadeau ! Simple Python 🐍 script to

    get you started dii.je/monitor • Add your own data into test_data • Automate with scheduled tasks
  4. @diije #BrightonSEO Use APIs GSC’s URL Inspection API Daily check

    for a sample of URLs Send an alert if verdict value isn’t PASS Example script: dii.je/gsc
  5. @diije #BrightonSEO Regular check-up Are the monitors still running? Are

    the tests still working? Are the alerts still being sent?
  6. @diije #BrightonSEO In a nutshell Take advantage of your existing

    tools Setup a few monitors Define an advanced monitoring strategy Maintain your monitoring setup