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Thoughts on Productivity

Thoughts on Productivity

Productivity has always been a topic of interest for me. While we all have our own approaches to getting stuff done, I’ve found that being able to identify different methods and choosing the appropriate one to manage the tasks ahead is incredibly valuable. This knowledge has enabled me to work smarter — a fundamental ingredient to better productivity.

Jon Yablonski

April 10, 2017

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  1. The state or quality of producing something meaningful with undivided

    focus. Productivity [proh-duhk-tiv-i-tee] 02/22 thoughts on productivity
  2. Scott Berkun / THe Cult of Busy Time is the

    singular measure of life. It’s one of the few things you can not get more of. Knowing how to spend it well is possibly the most important skill you can have. 03/22 thoughts on productivity
  3. Eric Karjaluoto / Slow the fuck down It’s a bit

    of a cliché, but there’s some merit to the notion of working smarter, not harder. Take time to identify and implement systems that reduce distractions, and lower the burden on your time. 04/22 thoughts on productivity
  4. The method is effective my making it easier to build

    on top of a rough draft, as opposed to a blank canvas. In his last 8 months alone he created 150 songs, which was an average of 3 songs per studio session. This method originates from Tupac Sakur’s incredibly prolific studio work ethic. work through an initial concept without editing, then go back to refine, edit or add at a later time. nO 01 / dotted line princple 07/22 thoughts on productivity
  5. It provides a clear framework for making the decisions over

    and over again. It forces us to identify where our time and effort will be the most effective, and therefore avoid activity addition. This method originates from Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th president of the United Status of America, and a productivity legend. Neither urgent nor important Tasks for elimination 04 Urgent, but not important Tasks for delegation 03 Important, but not urgent Tasks for later 02 Urgent & important Tasks you will do immediately 01 Use a decision matrix to separate tasks into: nO 02 / eisenhower box 09/22 thoughts on productivity
  6. This method is effective for when your facing a large

    task, a series of tasks, or you need to power through distractions. Focus on a specific task or project for 25 minutes straight with no distractions, then take a 5 minute break. Invented by the author Francesco Cirillo while a student, which he used to track his work with a tomato-shaped timer. concentrate focus in short sprints to ensure you’re consistently productive and you keep your motivation high. nO 03 / Pomodoro 11/22 thoughts on productivity
  7. Seeing the chain grow becomes a motivating factor to continue

    progress. This method requires a year-long calendar that will allow you to mark each day on which you performed your task. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is credited with this method after being asked his advice about developing comedic prowess. Build a ‘chain’ by Picking a task that you can sustain daily and will make an impact on your final goal. Then don’t break the chain. nO 04 / Seinfeld 13/22 thoughts on productivity
  8. We can leverage this by occupying ourselves with other, lesser

    important tasks. When we procrastinate, our minds look for distractions to avoid engaging a difficult or unpleasing tasks. Designer Tobias van Schneider has shared that procrastination is his ultimate productivity hack. procrastination can be leveraged as a productivity hack. Embrace it. nO 05 / procrastination 15/22 thoughts on productivity
  9. fight the urge to give into busyness. we must Be

    deliberate in our actions, and consider how each task will helps achieve the larger goal. nO 01 / BUsyness 17/22 thoughts on productivity
  10. It is imperative that we carve out significant blocks of

    uninterrupted time, during which we can dedicate focus to substantial tasks. nO 02 / Focus 18/22 thoughts on productivity
  11. It’s in your best interest to protect yourself from burnout.

    Burnout is the enemy of productivity. nO 03 / Burnout 19/22 thoughts on productivity
  12. Working a predetermined amount of hours doesn’t result in a

    proportional amount of tasks completed. In fact, studies have shown that the longer people work, the less productive they become. nO 04 / Screentime ≠ Productivity 20/22 thoughts on productivity
  13. We must battle perfectionism. Trying to do things perfectly all

    the time will only lead to bad prioritization decisions. nO 05 / Perfectionism 21/22 thoughts on productivity