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Crossing the street

March 09, 2024

Crossing the street


March 09, 2024


  1. Notas (Establishing, high angle: we see the neighborhood of the

    city where the characters live) Página 1/43
  2. Notas Grandma: Oh, Lucas, thank you so much for helping

    me today, your grandmother must be very proud of you. Lucas: It's a pleasure, ma'am! (Long shot, we see both characters walking in the street) Página 2/43
  3. Notas Lucas in off: Hehehe, after this afternoon together, she

    is going to speak highly of me to her granddaughter! (Close up of Lucas) Página 3/43
  4. Notas Grandma: This boy is a gentleman! His friend: Oh

    Lucas, I didn't know you were so wonderful! (Lucas' imagination) Página 4/43
  5. Notas Grandma: Lucas, stop, the traffic light is going to

    turn red. (Long shot, grandma stopping Lucas and taking him out of his imagination -we see his cloud break-) Página 5/43
  6. Notas Lucas: But it's going to close the store on

    us! And in our face too... (Wide shot, medium for the characters, high angle, we see the street they must to cross and the store) Página 7/43
  7. Notas Lucas: I think we have time! Come on, run!

    (Long shot, Lucas is pushing grandma) Página 8/43
  8. Notas Grandma: Noo, stop! It doesn't matter if it closes!

    (Close up, we see the grandma worries looking at Lucas) Página 10/43
  9. Notas Grandma, in the background: The traffic light! (Detail shot,

    the traffic light changes to red) Página 11/43
  10. Notas Person of the car: Are you okay? Grandma (shouting):

    I'm sorryyyy! (Long shot? we see somebody at the car and the grandma and Lucas walk away) Página 17/43
  11. Notas Lucas: They're fine, grandma!! You run, we're close! (Wide

    shot, dutch angle, we will see the chaos behind the characters, who are walking to the camera) Página 18/43
  12. Notas Person of the car: Eeeeh!! Are you crazy?? (...and

    we follow it with a pan to the left and moving the camara around to see more perspective) Página 22/43
  13. Notas (Dolly shaking to the store, as the view of

    them. The store is closing the metal blind) Página 24/43
  14. Notas Lucas: ...give me a second! (They stop. Long shot,

    where we see Lucas taking the grandma's bag) Página 25/43
  15. Notas (Medium shot of Lucas, low angle, he's spinning the

    bag to throw it. We see him from a low angle with a power perspective, he thinks he can throw the bag into the store so they can't close it) Página 26/43
  16. Notas Throwing the bag, here we see it from above

    because we see the bag flying Página 27/43
  17. Notas Grandma: Nooo, my bag! (Detail shot, slow camera, pan

    to the right following the bag) Página 28/43
  18. Notas (Wide shot, low angle, we see the bag in

    first plane. Maybe we see in first the focus on the bag and later a focus in to the characters to see the expressions ) Página 31/43
  19. Notas (The same, wide angle with low shot. We see

    the bag crushed and their impressed faces) Página 33/43
  20. Notas (Wide shot of the store with a man finishing

    closing the door with a remote control) Página 35/43
  21. Notas (Detail of a car, blur, we see a car

    pass quickly very close to our view) Página 38/43
  22. Notas (Wide shot, the man is not there. The store

    is definitely closed) Página 39/43
  23. Notas Grandma: This boy is useless, don't hang out with

    him. His friend: Lucas, you are a failure. (Luca's imagination) Página 41/43
  24. Notas Lucas: Nooooo... (Bird eye up, we see all the

    disaster that he has caused...) Página 42/43