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notion-to-slides: convert notion page to presentation slides

Hiroyuki Kuromiya
December 09, 2023

notion-to-slides: convert notion page to presentation slides

Hiroyuki Kuromiya

December 09, 2023


  1. Features 1. It converts your notion page to presentation sllides

    format 2. All you need is the integration key to the notion page. 3. This slides are also made by the notion-to-slides package.
  2. 1. Create an integration token Click the “New integration” button

    and decide your integration name (anything you want). You may need to select the appropriate workspace if you have multiple workspaces.
  3. 2. Submit and copy the token Once you filled the

    form and submit, you can see your integration token. Copy the integration token. You will use it in the next step.
  4. 3. Set the environment variable Set your token as an

    environment variable in the shell. Please replace your_notion_token_here to your token secret. % export NOTION_TOKEN=your_notion_token_here
  5. 4. Run the following command After setting the environment variable,

    run the following command. $ npx @kromiii/notion-to-slides --url [your notion page url] It will open the browser and draw your notion page as the presentation slides.
  6. 5. Export the slides as pdf This is not in

    slide format as it is, so to view it in slide format, you need to print out this page. By clicking the print button in the browser, you can output this page as a PDF.
  7. How it works? Notion2md converts notion to markdown string. Marp-core

    converts the markdown to presentation slides.
  8. Separation of slides Based on the settings of map-core package,

    a Notion page is divided into the next slide at Header 1 text or Header 2 text as separators. If the content does not fit on one slide, the design may be disrupted, so please make sure to divide it frequently.