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How Whatsapp Automation Can Massively Increase Conversions - Rachel Cryan's Talk at Brighton SEO

How Whatsapp Automation Can Massively Increase Conversions - Rachel Cryan's Talk at Brighton SEO

Rachel Cryan

April 23, 2024

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  1. How WhatsApp automation can massively increase conversions Rachel Cryan Strategist

    at Anicca Digital www.linkedin.com/in/rachel-cryan/ https://speakerdeck.com/rachelcryan
  2. And a very intensive application process… 1: Lead gen Form

    2: Application Form 3: Eligibility Check 4: Diagnostic Test 5: Screening Interview 6: Sign Contract & Enroll
  3. We use our a Google Sheet in Drive to manage

    all our processes during screening & the course
  4. • Storing Meta leads • Storing Application data from Google

    Form Sheet • Combine data and send email reminders to complete application form • Check applicant eligibility & request diagnostic test • Record test result, book screening & create contracts • Record result of screening & send reminders to sign contract • Create lesson plans/timesheets & career questionnaires • Track attendance, use for invoicing & uploading data to funding body
  5. • The Google application form is too complex to easily

    reproduce in a CRM system • The Tracking sheet is used by lots of users & updated daily • Having the data in a spreadsheet rather than a CRM database, allows us to easily see the status of individuals, the progress of recruitment and to allow upload to external systems in the required format • We need to send a lot of emails at different stages of recruitment • We need to convert spreadsheet data into documents using some form of mail merge
  6. What you can do with SheetGo Import data from other

    source e.g. import application data from Google Forms sheet Export data to other files, to create emails, or to produce new documents
  7. 4-step process to export data 1: Source of data (Dynamic

    Fields) 2: Filter data (Trigger) 3: Destination of data (Output) 4: Run the automation We use a coloured field to trigger automation
  8. Creating a contract using the data in Sheets & a

    template in Docs Use a coloured field as a Trigger Template using field names from the sheet Contract created using data from the sheet