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MapStore real world case study the hybrid infrastructure of the City of Genova - FOSS4G 2023

MapStore real world case study the hybrid infrastructure of the City of Genova - FOSS4G 2023

Born in 2016 thanks to the funding of the National Operational Program for Metropolitan Cities (PON METRO 2014-2020) the current Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) of the city of Genova is a hybrid infrastructure, where open source components and technologies are merged together with proprietary ones (such as the Oracle Database) in a well designed platform with respect of all national guidelines (promoted by AgID - Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale) and international standards.

To support the Geoportal initiative, the city of Genova has collaborated with GeoSolutions as a company closely involved in the most important Open Source projects worldwide in the geospatial field with the aim to provide the necessary support for all the SDI stack in terms of deployment, development but also the staff training to make it autonomous as much as possible in the maintenance of the overall system.

The city of Genova Geoportal as well as the wider Geospatial Infrastructure are both reachable online. A simple and at the same time robust WebGIS based on the Open Source MapStore software is provided with the inclusion of both advanced GSI functionalities and also most common geospatial tools like:
- Geospatial data search via OCG Web Services and Nominatim
- 2D and 3D visualization of geospatial data using a map agnostic engine supporting OpenLayers, Leaflet and Cesium for the 3D
-Editing and Styling of geospatial layers
- Download functions of geospatial data working on top of OGC services

The aim is to provide ready-to-use tools for all users (both citizens and employed analysts worked in the PA) by leveraging the maturity of the Open Source Software as well as the simplicity of integration with the pre-existing COTS software in order to maximize the reuse of the existing infrastructure and minimize the need for customizations and a possible use of commercial support even for educational purposes.

Many cross-cutting projects usually gravitate around the SDI in the Public Administration and its own Geoportal. To date, more than 300 geospatial layers are available in the Geoportal which allows them to be viewed and consulted within preconfigured MapStore maps, dashboards and geostories and/or used through geospatial services (such as WMS, WMTS, WFS, WCS and CSW) developed according to international standards (OGC - Open Geospatial Consortium) and exposed through GeoServer and GeoNetwork with also a fine grained security tier represented by GeoFence to manage authorizations on geospatial data.

Simone Giannecchini

November 28, 2023

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  1. MapStore real world case study: the hybrid infrastructure of the

    City of Genova Stefano Bovio GeoSolutions
  2. City of Genova SDI • Developed thanks to a long

    collaboration that began in 2014 • Hybrid GIS infrastructure • Mainly based on open source software • Designed to offer services to citizens and technical staff • Monitoring of data access statistics via Kibana and ELK stack
  3. • GeoServer: open source server, it manages and publishes data

    from any major spatial data source using open standards based on OGC specifications • Installation developed with clusters of multiple instances in High Availability • Management of concurrent requests via Control Flow • Provides the geospatial services of the City of Genova (WMS, WFS, WCS, WMTS …) • Different Raster and Vector files supported • Different DBMS supported • Styles management for published layers (SLD, CSS) Infrastructure components
  4. • GeoWebCache: web application, it offers an advanced server-side caching

    system for layer tiles • Ensure better performances • Supports WMS, WMTS, WMS-C, TMS, KML • Proxy for WMS requests like GetFeatureInfo and GetLegend • Cache tuning on individual layers with Parameter Filters Infrastructure components
  5. • GeoFence: it manages permissions in GeoServer with granular control

    on individual published data • Users / User groups • IP address • OGC service • Layer / Workspace • Spatial filters • Attributes (read/write) • User Interface included in MapStore client GeoServer Auth probe Internal rule cache GeoFence Database Client MapStore QGIs Web … Infrastructure components
  6. • GeoNetwork: catalog application, it manages and publishes metadata and

    related resources according to OGC and ISO TC 211 standards • Powerful metadata editing and search functions • Metadata validation • Support for external metadata harvesting • User and group management • Provides a CSW service • Reference for INSPIRE and RNDT geospatial metadata management Infrastructure components
  7. Infrastructure components • MapStore: open source Web GIS modular framework,

    it allows users to create, manage and share maps, dashboards and geostories online • Responsive layout • Mapping engine agnostic (OpenLayers, Leaflet and Cesium supported) • Leveraging React ecosystem • Pluggable Look & Feel • Consume data from many sources (OSM, Bing, WFS, CSW, WMTS, 3D Tiles) • License is Simplified BSD • Commercial friendly!
  8. City of Genova Geoportal • Developed with MapStore framework: •

    Based on an Open Source Project • Many tools available out-of-the box • Many use cases and scenarios supported • Support for OGC standards • Easy to setup and configure MapStore Citizen services Tourism and tourist itineraries Territorial monitoring City mobility Emergency management and civil protection Management of geological, geomorphological and hydrological data on the territory …
  9. City of Genova Geoportal • Developed with MapStore framework: •

    Easy to customize and extend • Compatible with the most common browsers: FF, Edge, Chrome and Safari • Integration with external user authentication system ( LDAP, SPID )
  10. MapStore Map Viewer: overview of the main tools available: table

    of content, search bar, plugins sidebar, map toolbar, map footer, widgets City of Genova Geoportal
  11. Attribute Table: navigate the features of a vector layer with

    a tabular view and access advanced utilities (Filters, Data Exports, Charts, Editing of features and others). City of Genova Geoportal
  12. Visual Style Editor: editing layer styles in MapStore is possible

    with a visual and textual user interface. City of Genova Geoportal
  13. Layer Settings: to configure each layer in terms of general

    information, display mode, style and Identify City of Genova Geoportal
  14. Catalog Tool: manage and browse content from external sources to

    add layers to the map. Source types supported are: WMS, WMTS, WFS, TMS, CSW and 3D Tiles City of Genova Geoportal
  15. Measurements: perform your measurement in 2D/3D map viewer and export

    or convert them to be used with other tools City of Genova Geoportal
  16. MapStore Dashboard: overview the main widgets available: chart, text, table,

    counter, map and legend City of Genova Geoportal
  17. Dashboard Wizard: each widget type has a wizard that helps

    the user to build the widget content City of Genova Geoportal
  18. City of Genova Geoportal Connections: it is possible to connect

    maps and tables to filter the content of other widgets
  19. MapStore GeoStory: create inspiring and immersive stories by combining text,

    interactive maps and multimedia content (e.g. images, videos or other third-party content). City of Genova Geoportal
  20. Build your story by adding different types of sections, one

    after another with an advanced web editor: Title/Cover, Paragraph, Immersive, GeoCarousel, Media (Map, Image, Video), Web Page City of Genova Geoportal
  21. A toolbar at the top of the side panel provides

    additional story settings. The media editor gives you control over different media content! Images, videos and maps City of Genova Geoportal
  22. The Application Context Manager is an administrative tool designed to

    create and set up different MapStore viewer configurations for the same installation City of Genova Geoportal
  23. A multi-step wizard allows the administrator to set up a

    custom MapStore viewer City of Genova Geoportal
  24. MapStore Documentation Check out the updated developer and user guides

    for v2023.01.02 https://mapstore.readthedocs.io/en/v2023.01.02/user-guide/ home-page/ https://mapstore.readthedocs.io/en/v2023.01.02/developer- guide/requirements/
  25. Ongoing work We are actively working on interesting new features

    and improvements for existing tools to be available in next releases! The MapStore community is also growing a lot, Thank you all!