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Migrating to Signals: A Practical Workshop

Migrating to Signals: A Practical Workshop

Manfred Steyer

March 21, 2024

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  1. Agenda • Austrian Desserts • Signals & Computed • Input

    Signals & Model Signals • Signals & Change Detection • Effects • RxJS-Interop • Stores • BONUS: NGRX Signal Store
  2. About me… Manfred Steyer, ANGULARarchitects.io (Remote) Angular Workshops and Consulting

    Google Developer Expert for Angular Blog, Books, Articles, and Talks about Angular Manfred Steyer
  3. Your Options a) Just watch the live coding b) Check

    out the solution branches c) Do labs later d) Do labs during live coding
  4. Conclusion Architecture Rule #1 Synchronously derive state where possible Architecture

    Rule #2 Avoid effects propagating state and signal writes Architecture Rule #3 Stores make your reactive flow more manageable Component Store