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The Snowball Effect of Open Source

The Snowball Effect of Open Source

When contributing to Open Source projects, do you ever wonder how to get it more attention or even move it from a side project into something that is commercially available? In this session, you’ll hear about the intertwined story of two Open Source projects — Sentry and the Jinja Template engine — and how these open source projects got snowballed into the commercial world. IP rights, Business Source Licenses, challenges, lessons that can be learned looking back at more than 18 years of Open Source software development - you’ll hear it all. Added bonus is learning how to sustain a culture of support and contribution to Open Source within your own organizations.

Armin Ronacher

June 14, 2022

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  2. 2007-03-26T17:48:20 <zeeg> have any of you looked into jinja? 

    2007-03-26T17:51:52 <mitsuhiko> zeeg: me. but i don't count ;) 
 2007-03-26T17:56:38 <mitsuhiko> zeeg: if you have questions fell free to poke me :)