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Going Staff

Going Staff

What's up with becoming a Staff Engineer? What does it mean? Is it just for people who want to keep coding? How do you become a Staff Engineer and what does the work entail? What if I told you, that being a Staff engineer actually required a lot of communication and collaboration skills?

In this talk, let's answer all those questions - as it's still quite fuzzy what a Staff engineer actually is.

Tobias Pfeiffer

February 14, 2024

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  2. “This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll write a lot of code.

    At this level, your goal is to solve problems efficiently, and programming will often not be the best use of your time. (...) let others handle the programming. Staff engineers often take on ambiguous, messy, difficult problems and do just enough work on them to make them manageable by someone else.” Tanya Reilly – The Staff Engineer’s Path
  3. “What matters is that the problems get solved, not how.”

    Tanya Reilly – The Staff Engineer’s Path
  4. Getting a Staff promotion is hard Expected to already do

    the work “Staff” project Management “detour”
  5. Higher ups are very busy Hard to get people on

    projects Prioritizaiton is hard
  6. Higher ups are very busy Hard to get people on

    projects Prioritization is hard Alignment is harder