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Sticker Beat Boards

Sticker Beat Boards

A memory of a lost sticker.

Sarah Hutchinson

June 18, 2022

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  1. Dialog Once when I was in first grade, I got

    a sticker from a dentist appointment. I was so proud, I showed all my friends at school.
  2. Dialog But then partway through the day, the sticker went

    missing! Everyone helped me look for it.
  3. Dialog My best friend, Kara, found the sticker. But instead

    of being thankful, I told her that she must have stolen it and that's why she was able to find it.
  4. Dialog At recess, I sat by our special tree and

    felt sorry for myself because people were mad at me for how I acted. Kara was so sad she went to the nurse's office.
  5. Dialog The teacher told me where Kara was, and I

    went and apologized. We hugged it out and were still best friends. I definitely learned a bit about trust that day!