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Magic Cat Beat Boards

Magic Cat Beat Boards

A memory of an encounter with a cat.

Sarah Hutchinson

June 18, 2022

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  1. Dialog I visited some friends in Shanghai in December of

    2019 (yes, *that* december). We went to a nearby Water Village and did some sightseeing.
  2. Dialog We ate a delicious dinner at a restaurant in

    the second story of one of the old buildings. And to our surprise, we had a visitor at the window.
  3. Dialog A friendly cat came and said hello. My friend's

    youngest son passed him some fish - of course we had to pay our respects to the magical cat.
  4. Dialog As we went around that nigh, we saw the

    cat keep watch over us from the rooftops.
  5. Dialog It guided us around the town and we saw

    many many other magical sights that evening. (Like this man with a llama),