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Let's create a Hologram CG movie using After Effects!

Let's create a Hologram CG movie using After Effects!

Shoko Sato

May 11, 2020

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  1. HELLO! I am Shoko Sato LINE Developer Relation - Developer

    Success Team DevDay, Blog, Branding, Training ,Event You can find me at @satoshoco slack - #z_shoko 2
  2. Agenda 1. Shooting environment and equipment 2. Shooting of the

    movie material 3. Point editing in After Effects -1 Holograms 4. Point editing in After Effects- 2 Synthesis 5. Summary 3 3
  3. Summary - There are a lot of settings. - Video

    material is importantEspecially lighting - photoshop or Illustrator &premier pro - It's easier than I thought. - Structure is the most important thing. 17