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Put a Button on it: Removing Barriers to Going Fast.

September 26, 2011

Put a Button on it: Removing Barriers to Going Fast.

For most companies, pushing code to production is a slow and painful process that can span hours or days, and is done very infrequently because of this and other general anxieties behind public facing launches. At Etsy, we built a tool called Deployinator to make it a painless process for everyone to push code at will. We pair this with a suite of tests, graphs, and metrics to make high velocity change safe and transparent.


September 26, 2011

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  1. Text "My strategy has always been: be wrong as fast

    as we can, Which basically means, we're gonna screw up, … Let's not be afraid of that." – Andrew Stanton
  2. if ($cfg["new_search"]) { // new hotness $resp = search_solr(); }

    else { // old busted $resp = search_grep(); }
  3. 5:27 < devbot> PRODUCTION deployed by vthommeret version: 7f08b7a-20110722-191739-UTC took:

    131.042598 seconds diff: http://deployinator.etsycorp.com/diff/web/0cbf2f0/7f08b7a