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Deno Fest 2023

October 19, 2023

Deno Fest 2023


October 19, 2023

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  1. About me • N a me: Gorill a • Job:

    Comp a ny M a n a gement & Developer(Frontend/B a ckend) & SRE & etc. • Hobbies: Building a nd pl a ying with Rust, Go, TypeScript, Deno, Vim, W a sm, Docker, k8s, etc. • Recently, I implemented W a sm Runtime in pure Rust from scr a tch. • https://github.com/sk a nehir a /chibiw a sm
  2. Agenda • Meet Deno • About Deno's seri a liz

    a tion in Softw a re Design • About my impression of the seri a liz a tion
  3. Meet Deno • I le a rned of Deno through

    denops.vim • denops.vim is a n ecosystem of Vim/Neovim which a llows developers to write cross- pl a tform plugins in Deno • I w a s surprised th a t LSP, linter, etc. c a n be executed with one bin a ry a nd TypeScript c a n be written without con f igur a tion.
  4. Meet Deno • I st a rted to follow the

    inform a tion on the development of Deno • P a rticip a tion deno-jp Discord/Sl a ck, Deno͹ͨձٞ • I developed some modules in the process of developing a plugin in denops.vim. • deno-silicon: Gener a te im a ges from source code using Alox a f/silicon. • deno-clippy: Cross-pl a tform Deno libr a ry for writing a nd re a ding clipbo a rd.
  5. Meet Deno • In the process of developing the Deno

    module, I m a de some contributions to deno_bindgen. • fe a t: support f32, f64 in p a r a meters of function #97 • f ix: the URL p a ssed with the --rele a se option is not used #85 • f ix: c a nnot fetch d a rwin a rm64 bin a ry #125
  6. About Deno's serialization in Software Design • One d a

    y, Mr. kt3k w a s looking for someone to write a n a rticle a bout Deno for Softw a re Design m a g a zine. • Without hesit a tion I told him I w a nted to write. • As a result, I w a s put in ch a rge of the series a s it w a s.
  7. About Deno's serialization in Software Design • The m a

    nuscript w a s reviewed on GitHub • Reviewed by the editor, Mr. kt3k a nd Mr. yusukt a n
  8. About Deno's serialization in Software Design • The structure of

    the series is a s follows • P a rt 1: Experiencing the a dv a nt a ges of Deno • P a rt 2: How to cre a te a nd publish Deno modules • P a rt 3 a nd 4: Implementing a nd publishing Web API with Deno Deploy • P a rt 5: How to use other l a ngu a ges (using FFI a nd W a sm)
  9. About my impression of the serialization • There were m

    a ny things I didn't underst a nd, a nd I w a s a ble to deepen my underst a nding of them a s I looked them up. • For ex a mple, I w a s a ble to underst a nd wh a t is complic a ted a bout NodeJs module resolution mech a nism. • I w a s a ble to le a rn a bout how Deno Deploy works.
  10. About my impression of the serialization • Re a der

    feedb a ck w a s positive. • Liked the a bility to compile to a single execut a ble bin a ry. • Liked the integr a tion with GitHub to e a sily publish modules. • Liked the a bility to use other l a ngu a ges with W a sm a nd FFI • I feel th a t Deno's good qu a lities h a ve been well communic a ted to the re a ders.
  11. Summary • Deno is gre a t! • I would

    like to continue to contribute to Deno in v a rious w a ys, little by little. • Let's spre a d the word a bout Deno together!