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The Quintessence of Sushi, the landscape of the startup ecosystems in the age of AI

The Quintessence of Sushi, the landscape of the startup ecosystems in the age of AI

In the past few decades, innovations have been centralized around Silicon Valley, but what will the landscape look like in the age of AI, especially the age of AI Agents? Serial entrepreneur, Taizo Son shares his unique perspective and makes recommendations to SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024.

Taizo Son, the author of these slides, is a visionary serial entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to addressing a wide range of social issues through innovative solutions. As co-founder of Mistletoe, he has played a pivotal role in creating a collective impact community. This initiative has successfully invested in and supported over 170 global startups, each with a mission to address pressing social challenges. In 2023, he expanded his entrepreneurial ventures by co-founding The Edgeof in Singapore. This new endeavor focuses on investing in global DeepTech and Al startups with aspirations to expand into the pan-Asian market. The Edgeof aims to foster a robust pan-Asian startup ecosystem and community, and provide unparalleled support to these emerging companies.

Taizo Son

May 25, 2024


  1. YOHEI HANAYA 1799–1858 Yohei is widely regarded as the inventor

    of modern sushi. He developed the "nigiri" method around 1824. Yohei first sold it from a box he carried on his back. He moved his business to a stall and eventually opened a restaurant called "Yohei Zushi" until 1932.
  2. The flavour of a sushi restaurant's shari is characterised by

    its balance of vinegar, salt, and sugar. SHARI γϟϦ
  3. Kazari-bocho is a technique where the skin is cut in

    advance to make the fish easier to eat or to prevent the flesh from bursting when grilled. kohada খഽ
  4. THE ROLL OF HUMAN BEINGS - Logic become less important

    to humans - Leaps in logic will be required: 
 “out of the box thinking” - The role of humans is to ask good questions - Not “search” but “ask questions” The English edition will be available this summer.

    FOR EXCHANGE OF QUESTIONS will enhance innovations. In such a place,