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Principles of Awesome APIs and How to Build Them.

Principles of Awesome APIs and How to Build Them.

Keavy McMinn

November 18, 2019

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  1. Principles of Awesome APIs and How to Build Them. Keavy

    McMinn, Fastly RubyConf 2019 @keavy
  2. API Descriptions — JSON Schema — Open API (formerly Swagger)

    — RAML — APIs.json — API Blueprint — Postman Collections — Async API
  3. # Get a dog. get "/dogs/:dog_id" do authorize_access :users, :bots

    # finds the dog # renders the dog as JSON end
  4. Invest in upfront design. — What will users do with

    it? — What does your business need from it? — What does it look like? — What will you call it?
  5. Remember: puppies APIs are for life not just for Christmas!

  6. Well-documented Enable a holistic view. — Endpoints that are undocumented

    — Endpoints that are in any special phase — Anything to be deprecated — Dates
  7. It doesn’t have to be fucking hard. It just has

    to be consistent. Which is fucking hard. — Brett Sutton, Triathlon coach