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Growth Hacking in the Early Days of BuySellAds

Todd Garland
August 15, 2013

Growth Hacking in the Early Days of BuySellAds

Presentation I did for the Boston Growth Hacker Group August 15th, 2013, talking about some of the things we did in the early days of BuySellAds to facilitate growth. Includes my 4 pillars of a successful product launch:

1. Grunt work that won't scale
2. Some part of your product need to scale (easily)
3. Another piece needs to be naturally viral
4. A forced feedback loop should be built in to the product

Todd Garland

August 15, 2013

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  1. February 2007 Came up with idea September 2007 Finished Version

    1 Started at HubSpot Full-time February 2008 Launched BuySellAds January 2009 BSA full-time 2 years, concept to real working product, replacing my full-time salary (with a 6 month hiatus) General Timeline
  2. Hi David, I noticed you have a bunch of sponsors

    in the sidebar. I’d love to help make it easier for you to manage those, and also bring you some new advertisers. We’re still in private beta, but the product is solid, and working really well for logopond.com, csselite.com, and 13styles.com. I’d love to add you to the list. If you’re interested to see what inside, here’s an invitation code: http://buysellads.com/register/?invite=HKSius98S98 If you have questions or if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. Cheers, Todd
  3. This link is fake: Any value for invite= would allow

    you to register http://buysellads.com/register/?invite=HKSius98S98 :)
  4. Takeaway #2 Used exclusivity/privileged terminology (i.e. “private beta”) for over

    a year, using the fake invite system. (I’m not sure how well works today...)
  5. Grunt Work - Every email was personal - Every email

    was unique - Every email was super-targeted
  6. “To cancel your ads, please send an email to [email protected]

    with the subject of ‘Cancellation Request’” Totally doesn’t scale
  7. “If you would like to withdraw your funds, please send

    an email to [email protected] with the subject of ‘Cashout’” Totally doesn’t scale
  8. Many things you do won’t scale, and that’s OK. Scale

    is secondary. Things that don’t scale help build your feedback loop.
  9. Recap #1: ‘Lil bit of grunt work each day keeps

    the deadpool away #2: Something you’re doing better scale #3: Some piece of your puzzle should be naturally viral #4: Create a feedback loop, and it probably won’t scale (which is OK)