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UXA2023 Yasamin Asadi - Designing for a post-lockdown metaverse

August 25, 2023

UXA2023 Yasamin Asadi - Designing for a post-lockdown metaverse

With the worldwide population of adults over the age of 65 growing faster than any other according to the United Nations, considering their voice in designing the 3D embodiment of the internet (the Metaverse) is necessary for moving away from the deficit model of ageing, especially coming out of the pandemic. This presentation advocates for an ethnographic, co-design approach with older adults for those looking to design in a fully immersive space.


August 25, 2023

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  1. The experience of connections over distance. Older adults' technology use

    during the pandemic. Adjustments to technology?
  2. Interviews May - June 2020 How the pandemic affected their

    technology use. Discuss the technology use after the novelty effect wears off. Melbourne-based participants' views about technology use in lockdown. August 2020 October 2021
  3. Ogden, 2020. Ogden, 2021. UK Droit-Volet et al, 2021. France

    Chan et al, 2022. Singapore Cornell et al, 2022 Australia Vermeulen et al, 2022. Belgium Kosac et al, 2022. Germany Alatrany et al, 2022. Iraq Similar Work
  4. Proposed Pathways The Agency Pathway The Preferred Interaction Pathway The

    Adapting to Social Circumstances and Natural Rhythms Pathway
  5. "The early stages of lockdown were marvellous because you got

    to do all the things you’ve been meaning to do for ages. It encouraged me to go for walks, to do knitting which I haven’t done for 20-30 years, and it encouraged me to do some sewing which has been hovering like a guilty conscience forever." The Agency Pathway
  6. Different avatars for different contexts. Kao, D. (2019). The effects

    of anthropomorphic avatars vs. non-anthropomorphic avatars in a jumping game. In Proceedings of the 14th international conference on the foundations of digital games. Latoschik, M. E. et al (2017). The effect of avatar realism in immersive social virtual realities. In Proceedings of the 23rd ACM symposium on virtual reality software and technology. The Agency Pathway
  7. User-led instead of designer-led. The Agency Pathway Technologies to support

    slowing down, whether by choice or compelled by external circumstances.
  8. "I found that some of the Zoom happy hour things

    were getting to me a bit. I felt like I’m one of the few ones that’s single. Where they’re all couples and they would be sitting there with their wine. It made me feel a little bit different to them.[...] It was making me feel a little bit not necessarily good, whereas I don’t feel that when I’m out walking with them." The Preferred Interaction Pathway
  9. "All the guys, widowers or bachelors, who live on their

    own, and I’ve just rung them up [...] Not to discuss the world or not- just how’s it going.[...] Couple of them said "If you’re not going to talk about transport, I’m not interested." They call it on-topic and off-topic. I didn’t want to talk about off-topic things. That’s been a bit of an eye-opener." The Preferred Interaction Pathway
  10. Adjusting the settings is current social media can be hard

    to find. The Preferred Interaction Pathway
  11. "My garden never looked as good because it’s never had

    as much time devoted to it as at the moment. [...] I’d be getting messages on my phone saying, "Where are you? We started the Zoom meeting." Then I’m going, "No, there’s still a bit of light." I join it at 6:00 instead of 5:00. I can still do some gardening. Why would I come in and sit down and chat?" The Adapting to Social Circumstances and Natural Rhythms Pathway
  12. The main thing is I’ve realized that I feel like

    I’m 71 now. Even the active travellers I’ve known, once they’ve got to the late 70s, they sort of slow down. My friend who is 78, he’s much less interested in travelling than he was previously. So I’m sort of conscious about that and we’ve already lost two years of traveling. [...] I think some people might realize that age and health issues have sort of caught up with them in the two years without them realizing that things have changed. The Adapting to Social Circumstances and Natural Rhythms Pathway
  13. Design with natural clocks in mind. The Adapting to Social

    Circumstances and Natural Rhythms Pathway
  14. Conclusion Conducted an ethnographic study with older adults. Suggested 3

    pathways for future design. Hope to see users inform the design more moving forward.