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My Journey as a UX Researcher

December 19, 2023

My Journey as a UX Researcher


December 19, 2023

Other Decks in Research


  1. arancia UX Researcher • Working for Pixiv since Jan 2023

    • Previously a designer • Love traveling
  2. I Was… Education: • How to create a new product

    / service • Design Thinking Job: • UI, UX Design • Service Design
  3. I Found… • Defining goals and challenges is important •

    I have a lack of experience in research • Thinking about “Why?” is fun
  4. 1. Conduct User Research • Collaborate with a variety of

    teams • Define, plan, conduct, and analyze • Run in-depth interviews and surveys
  5. 2. Create an Environment Make User Research More Sustainable •

    Prepare documents and tools • Streamline workflow • Involve members in research activities • Establish a research repository
  6. 2. Create an Environment 💖 Make new systems that everyone

    use like city’s facilities, infrastructure, etc.
  7. How • Set up seamless touchpoints in project planning •

    Connect deliverables to create unified information • Do not disrupt the original ecosystem