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TikTok SEO: Unlock search and go viral

TikTok SEO: Unlock search and go viral

In this Brigthon SEO talk, Carlos will delve into TikTok and SEO, uncovering how the principles of search engine optimization can be applied to the popular social media platform. He will share his internal data on his best-performing tests and provide insights into how to apply Google SEO knowledge to TikTok

Carlos Estevez

April 26, 2024

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  1. TikTok SEO: Unlock search and go viral Carlos Estévez Internet

    República @carlosestevez_ Speakerdeck.com/carlosestevez
  2. SEO OnVideo Optimise your videos Title = Text in video

    ⇢Including text with the keyword you want to rank for. Content = Post content ⇢Up to 2.000 characters ⇢Hashtags Video sound ⇢TikTok transcribes you audio and “understands” what you are saying
  3. TikTok ranking algorithm Make your audience interact with your content

    Watching full video = interaction ⇢TikTok ranks higher videos users watch until the end and especially if they are watched several times Get “usual” interactions ⇢Like ⇢Comment ⇢Share ⇢Fav ⇢View creator’s profile ⇢View video sound
  4. Is there Linkbuilding on TikTok? Yes, there is Gifts and

    tips, the biggest of the interactions ⇢ The most important signal for TikTok algo You need to create a community to get them ⇢ Live > 1.000 followers ⇢ Video gifts > 10.000 followers ⇢ Tips > 100.000 followers
  5. Performance Max UAC DSA (Dynamic Search Ads) Smart bidding Atribución

    basada en datos But, is this really working?
  6. If there is a search, there is a SEO The

    best platform for getting organic traffic to your website If you want to learn more about TikTok SEO, ¡follow me!