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Introducing ASP.NET Core Sockets

David Fowler
January 25, 2017

Introducing ASP.NET Core Sockets

David Fowler

January 25, 2017

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  1. Some things need to change • No more jQuery dependency

    (yay!) • No more auto-reconnect with message replay • No more Hub-state • No more multi-hub endpoints • No more single-model scale-out • No more multi-server ping-pong (now require sticky sessions)
  2. New for ASP.NET Core SignalR • Binary data support, e.g.

    send/receive binary data • Host-agnostic (enables non-HTTP transports) • All-new connection-level “Endpoints” API • Multiple protocols/formats support, e.g. JSON, ProtoBuf, custom • Support “pure” WebSocket clients • Return results from client method invocations • TypeScript client • Flexible scale-out extensibility
  3. Host Transports Endpoints Hubs Middleware HTTP Transports HubEndpoint Hubs WebHost

    WebSockets ServerSentEvents Long Polling Formatters TcpServer TcpTransport ASP.NET Core Sockets Architecture ASP.NET Core SignalR on Sockets
  4. Timeline • In development right now • Preview ~mid-year •

    Release ~end-of-year • https://github.com/aspnet/signalr