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Protecting user agency with local-first software

Protecting user agency with local-first software

Slides from a keynote presentation given at the 2nd International Workshop on Distributed Infrastructure for Common Good (DICG), 7 December 2021.

Martin Kleppmann

December 07, 2021

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  1. Cuneiform script on clay tablet, ca. 3000 BCE. Image from

    Wikimedia Commons. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Early_writing_tablet_recording_the_allocation_of_beer.jpg
  2. Research • End-to-end encryption: M. Weidner, M. Kleppmann, D. Hugenroth,

    A.R. Beresford. Key Agreement for Decentralized Secure Group Messaging with Strong Security Guarantees. ACM CCS, Nov 2021. doi:10.1145/3460120.3484542 • Cryptographic integrity: M. Kleppmann, H. Howard. Byzantine Eventual Consistency and the Fundamental Limits of Peer-to-Peer Databases. Preprint arXiv:2012.00472, Dec 2020. • Metadata privacy: D. Hugenroth, M. Kleppmann, A.R. Beresford. Rollercoaster: An Efficient Group-Multicast Scheme for Mix Networks. USENIX Security, Aug 2021. • Formal verification: V.B.F. Gomes, M. Kleppmann, D.P. Mulligan, A.R. Beresford. Verifying Strong Eventual Consistency in Distributed Systems. PACMPL 1(OOPSLA), Oct 2017. doi:10.1145/3133933
  3. Resources Automerge https://github.com/automerge/automerge Local-first https://www.inkandswitch.com/local-first.html CRDTs https://crdt.tech/ Email [email protected] Twitter

    @martinkl Support me https://www.patreon.com/martinkl Huge thanks to the Automerge community and contributors, especially Peter van Hardenberg, Orion Henry, Alex Good, Andrew Jeffery, Herb Caudill, and many others!