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Showing SEO Value Through Meaningful Reporting

Showing SEO Value Through Meaningful Reporting

In this talk, Helene will cover topics such as demonstrating the value of SEO, tracking SEO progress (and success), and communicating these ideas with clients or bosses. She will delve into understanding the distinction between different types of data, analysis techniques, and visualizations. Sharing real-world examples of how to apply these concepts in one's work.

Helene Jelenc

September 13, 2023

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  1. Showing SEO Value Through Meaningful Reporting Helene Jelenc | Flow

    SEO Speakerdeck.com/helenejelenc @wanderinghelene
  2. What is the difference between those reports and looking inside

    GA4 or an SEO tool? MeasureFest Sept 2023 | @wanderinghelene #BrightonSEO
  3. Creating custom SEO reports that align with business goals and

    provides context. MeasureFest Sept 2023 | @wanderinghelene #BrightonSEO
  4. We want to rank #1 for ʻjob managementʼ. 󰠀 MeasureFest

    Sept 2023 | @wanderinghelene #BrightonSEO
  5. What do you want to achieve from that goal? We

    want to rank #1 for ʻjob managementʼ. 󰠀 󰠁 MeasureFest Sept 2023 | @wanderinghelene #BrightonSEO
  6. We want to increase traffic by 10% YoY. 󰠀 MeasureFest

    Sept 2023 | @wanderinghelene #BrightonSEO
  7. We want to increase traffic by 10% YoY. 󰠀 What

    resources do you have to dedicate to SEO? 󰠁 MeasureFest Sept 2023 | @wanderinghelene #BrightonSEO
  8. We want to outrank a specific competitor. 󰠀 What is

    your product differentiator? 󰠁 MeasureFest Sept 2023 | @wanderinghelene #BrightonSEO
  9. Audience Questions CEO • What is the ROI of SEO?

    • How can SEO be leveraged to gain a competitive advantage in the market? • How will SEO contribute to the company's overall business strategy and goals? CMO • How can SEO be integrated into the overall marketing strategy? • How can we measure the success of our SEO efforts? Head of Growth/Content • How much of organic traffic is branded vs non-branded? • What technical SEO issues need to be addressed? • How can we improve the website's backlink profile? Head of Revenue/Sales • What are the quality of SEO leads? • What is the volume of leads produced from SEO? Common SEO Questions By Audience
  10. The Path of Search Visibility Indexed Keywords Keywords that are

    now associated with URLs on your domain. Impressions When a user has potentially seen a link to your site in search results. Clicks When a user clicks onto your website from search results. Organic Conversions When a user triggers an event or goal often via submitting a form. Organic Sessions When a user clicks through on your website from a search engine. MeasureFest Sept 2023 | @wanderinghelene #BrightonSEO
  11. • January 2020 at 129,336 keywords. • January 2023 at

    581,547 keywords. Growth in keywords NOT TO DO MeasureFest Sept 2023 | @wanderinghelene #BrightonSEO
  12. Scaling up blog posts has been the main driver for

    increased visibility. Blog content achieved a 350% increase in total ranking keywords - and subsequent organic traffic growth - from January 2021 to January 2023. Content supported with our briefings contributed to 80% of that growth. 350% increase in visibility in 2 years SEO Strategy begins Increased content publishing to 3x a week. TO DO MeasureFest Sept 2023 | @wanderinghelene #BrightonSEO