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Navigating My Internship:  A 5W1H  Perspective

Navigating My Internship:  A 5W1H  Perspective

Lauren Yang 。她分享了從 2023 年 7 月開始的實習生活,並且從 5W1H 的角度來分享如何能夠找到 LINE 台灣實習工作。

LINE Developers Taiwan

March 13, 2024

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  1. Lauren Yang • NCU IM / NTHU ISA • Shipment/Payment

    Microservice Team EC Backend / TECH FRESH 2023.07 - Now
  2. Development Architecture 1 Create PR 2 Trigger step: test 5

    Trigger step: build and push image 3 Push test results and Code coverage to SonarQube Application Repository Code review and Check test result 4 Deployment-manifest Repository 7 Update latest image Version to repository Maintain Kubernetes configuration Developer Reviewer DevOps 6 Push images to Harbor 8 Webhook sync Dev-cluster Prod-cluster Deploy 9 Pull images to deploy Monitor
  3. Technical Stack Application Development Database Management Code Quality & Continuous

    Integration Containerization & Orchestration Monitoring & Observability Others
  4. Engaging in workshops and training sessions for skill enhancement 1.

    Professional Development Opportunities 2. Supportive Work Environment Working within cross-functional teams to broaden perspectives 3. Diverse Team Experience Collaborating with experience mentors and supportive colleagues Why choose LINE? Advantages Learning about the latest trends and methodologies in the tech industry 4. Exposure to Industry Best Practices
  5. Actively participating in the creation of products that reach consumers

    1. Direct Involvement with B2C Products 2. Seeing Your Contribution Go Live Playing a role in how consumers interact with technology, making a real-world impact 3. Influencing Consumer Experience The excitement of seeing your own work being used by real users in the market Why choose LINE? The Standout Advantages
  6. Customize my resume for each position by including relevant keywords

    from the job description. 1. Looked for keywords in the JD 2. Prepare a Presentation with Slides Learn more about the company and the specific role to better understand their needs and how I can contribute 3. Research the Company Background Create slides that showcase the projects I've worked on, including high-level architecture diagrams or project screenshots Tips for the Interview