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TYPO3 v13 – The road to LTS: What's new and new APIs

TYPO3 v13 – The road to LTS: What's new and new APIs

Luisa Sofie Faßbender

April 10, 2024

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  1. LUISA FAßBENDER @luisasofie_xoxo [email protected] ▪ Senior Success Managerin @TYPO3 GmbH

    ▪ TYPO3 Marketing Team Lead ▪ M. Sc. Marketing & Communications
  2. OLIVER BARTSCH @_obartsch [email protected] ▪ Arbeitet @ b13 ▪ Core-Entwicklung

    & Kundenprojekte ▪ TYPO3 Core Team seit 2021 ▪ TYPO3 Ecosystem & Extensions
  3. TYPO3 v13 – The Road To LTS ▪ Five releases

    in under 10 months. Release Date Version Features 30th January 2024 13.0 – The Ocean’s Calling Breaking changes and new system requirements 23rd April 2024 13.1 – The Surfer’s Starterkit Reusable components for creating new sites 2nd July 2024 13.2 – Ready. Set. Ride. Content blocks and new APIs for integrations 17th September 2024 13.3 – Prepare for the Fun Feature Freeze 15th October 2024 13.4 – Ride the Wave LTS Release

    community support for three years: • 1.5 years full regular maintenance • 1.5 years priority bug fixing with security fixes and critical updates. Paid Extended Long-Term Support (ELTS) for TYPO3 v13 LTS available until 31st October 2031.* * 4th year of ELTS only available for TYPO3 Partners
  5. Benni Mack, TYPO3 Core Team Lead “With v13 we aim

    to make repetitive tasks and the day-to-day work of integrators and admins more enjoyable.”
  6. System Requirements & Dependencies PHP v8.2 and Symfony 7 ▪

    PHP version 8.2 is the minimum requirement to run TYPO3 v13. This is just a small step from version 8.1, which TYPO3 v12 requires, and lets us leverage Symfony version 7, released in November 2023. ▪ PHP version 8.2 will receive security updates for the next two years until December 2025.
  7. System Requirements & Dependencies Database Engine ▪ Thanks to the

    database abstraction layer Doctrine, TYPO3 supports a range of database servers and engines. TYPO3 v13 will depend on Doctrine DBAL version 4. ▪ TYPO3 v13 will support the following database engines: • MySQL version 8.0.17 or higher • MariaDB version 10.4.3 or higher • PostgreSQL version 10.0 or higher • SQLite version 3.8.3 or higher
  8. Additional Information Deprecations ▪ With the release of TYPO3 v13.0,

    all deprecations from TYPO3 v12 will finally be removed.
  9. ModifyRecordsAfterFetchingContentEvent ModifyUrlForCanonicalTagEvent ModifyRecordOverlayIconIdentifierEvent BeforeLoadedPageTsConfigEvent BeforeLoadedUserTsConfigEvent AfterUserLoggedInEvent BeforeTcaOverridesEvent AfterContentObjectRendererInitializedEvent AfterGetDataResolvedEvent ModifyImageSourceCollectionEvent

    BeforeStdWrapFunctionsInitializedEvent AfterStdWrapFunctionsInitializedEvent BeforeStdWrapFunctionsExecutedEvent AfterStdWrapFunctionsExecutedEvent AfterImageResourceResolvedEvent ModifyDefaultConstraintsForDatabaseQueryEvent BeforePageIsRetrievedEvent BeforeTypoLinkEncodedEvent AfterTypoLinkDecodedEvent BeforeStdWrapContentStoredInCacheEvent AfterLinkResolvedByStringRepresentationEvent AfterFormDefinitionLoadedEvent BeforePageCacheIdentifierIsHashedEvent ModifyTypoScriptConfigEvent AfterTypoScriptDeterminedEvent PackageInitializationEvent …
  10. ▪ category ▪ datetime ▪ slug ▪ json ▪ uuid

    ▪ file ▪ email ▪ check ▪ folder ▪ imageManipulation ▪ number ▪ language ▪ group ▪ flex ▪ text ▪ password ▪ color ▪ radio ▪ link ▪ inline ▪ select TCA Types
  11. Right-to-left Backend UI It has always been a key objective

    of TYPO3 to make the user interface accessible to as many users as possible. ▪ more than 60 languages supported by default Beyond languages, different writing systems are also a key factor when developing localizable backend interfaces.
  12. Right-to-left Backend UI With the release of v13.0, right-to-left text

    directions are now fully supported. This includes: ▪ backend layout ▪ tables ▪ content areas ▪ page tree ▪ menus
  13. Right-to-left Backend UI Relevant and now supported Right-to-left languages include:

    ▪ Arabic ▪ Hebrew ▪ Kurdish (Sorani) ▪ Persian / Farsi ▪ Urdu ▪ Kashmiri ▪ Pashto A huge step towards making TYPO3 even more accessible.
  14. Image Rendering Image Rendering ▪ By default, WebP images can

    now be generated, as TYPO3's configuration setting has been extended with .webp ▪ The Install Tool / Environment Module displays if support for generating WebP image files is possible ▪ In addition, a new report in the Reports module of TYPO3 Backend shows if TYPO3 is properly configured for generating WebP image files ▪ Native support for SVG cropping
  15. Reactive PageTree Reactive PageTree ▪ Built on current web standards

    - no longer limited to SVG features ▪ Usage of HTML, CSS, web components and native Drag&Drop API Features ▪ Reactive rendering ▪ Native Drag & Drop ▪ Improved API endpoints ▪ Personalisation: LTR & RTL support, Light & Dark Mode ▪ Improved Performance: Usage of local storage, visible nodes in DOM
  16. Reactive PageTree Status Information ▪ Information for each node ▪

    Contain: label, icon, severity, priority ▪ Color indication based on severity ▪ Manipulation via PSR-14 AfterPageTreeItemsPreparedEvent ▪ Used for workspace statuses
  17. Reactive PageTree Labels ▪ Labels for each node ▪ Contain:

    label, color, priority ▪ Replaces previous “pageTree.backgroundColor” user TSconfig “options.pageTree.label.<pageId>” ▪ Multiple Labels for a single node ▪ Manipulation via PSR-14 AfterPageTreeItemsPreparedEvent
  18. Customization Configurable backend entry points ▪ $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['BE']['entryPoint'] ▪ Requires server

    configuration adjustments ▪ Using a subdomain $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['SYS']['cookieDomain'] has to be changed ▪ All requests target /index.php instead of /typo3/index.php (legacy) ▪ Legacy Entrypoint will be removed in v14
  19. Customization PAGEVIEW ContentObject Powerful replacement for FLUIDTEMPLATE Goal: Rendering of

    Frontend Pages with auto resolving of template paths, mapping of Backend Layouts and providing important variables (site, site language, page information, TypoScript settings) out of the box.
  20. Customization New in v13.1 – Feature: Site Sets Site sets

    ship parts of site configuration as composable pieces. They are intended to deliver site settings, TypoScript, TSConfig and reference enabled content blocks for the scope of a site. Allow code/configuration sharing between sites
  21. Site Sets – Settings ▪ Site Settings via settings.yaml as

    in v12 ▪ New: settings.definitions.yaml ▪ Settings have types ▪ Settings have defaults ▪ Defined settings are always set and will always provide the correct type. Invalid configuration will be ignored. Customization
  22. Presets Formerly known as „themes“, TYPO3 v13.4 LTS will include

    several presets in the form of extensions. Those presets: ▪ Contain ready-to-use frontend outputs, but also predefined pages, content & backend users. ▪ Are individually customizable through agencies & users. The first presets will be created during the TYPO3 Surfcamp as another way of promoting and including young talents. Customization
  23. Presets @TYPO3 Surfcamp ▪ Public Sector Intranet ▪ Landing Pages

    ▪ Restaurant Website ▪ Football Club Website ▪ Portfolio Website ▪ Corporate Website Presets will be available as extensions and come with… Customization
  24. Exkurs: TYPO3 Surfcamp ▪ 7 to 14 April 2024, Fuerteventura

    ▪ Young Talent Support & Community-Building ▪ 6 cross functional teams ▪ Mentoring through Core Team and veterans ▪ 30 Attendees between 18-35: • Backend, Frontend, Integration, Marketing, PM
  25. Customization Content Blocks ▪ An initiative by the Content Types

    Team ▪ Content Blocks provides a new API to create custom Content Types like Content Elements, Page Types or generic Record Types ▪ It is already available for testing as an extension in v12 and will become a new system extension in the v13.2 release Goal: Offering a centrally maintained, easy-to-use solution for generating individual content types.
  26. Customization Content Blocks ▪ First Feedback for the Content Blocks

    in production: „The usage of Content Blocks has entirely changed our workflow. Where Integrators were desperately needed before, now even frontend developers with very little TYPO3 experience can create solutions really quickly. Moreover, the created content blocks are even reusable throughout multiple different projects!“ Sebastian Verweyen – jwied*
  27. Customization Creation Wizards After being introduced beforehand for the creation

    of content elements, the creation wizard now also spans the creation of new records like pages and site roots. Goal: Help editors create new pages / site roots with predefined required fields in a few simple steps – streamlining the creation process.
  28. Customization CMS Health Goal: Provide standardized way for CMS and

    services to expose their health status, making it easier for monitoring tools, load balancers, and other infrastructure components to understand and react to the health of these services.
  29. Customization CMS Health TYPO3 integration of the CMS Health Check

    RFC. Registration of a new reaction HealthCheckReaction, allowing administrators to generate various health check reports by selecting checks to be executed and included in the corresponding report.
  30. Additional Gems You can also look forward to: ▪ Improvements

    and trouble shooting for indexed_search ▪ Optimizations in Redirects Backend Module ▪ Improvements and simplifications of workspaces ▪ Ongoing replacement of hooks with events ▪ Record-based content resolving
  31. Tips from the Core Team & Mergers Preparation is key!

    ▪ Check out the newest developments and changes now, so that you‘ll be prepared for everything, v13 LTS has to offer! ▪ Browse through the changelog, test out the sprint releases and check for bugs to help us find everything.
  32. Tips from the Core Team & Mergers Get your extensions

    ready! ▪ The LTS release is just a few months away – start your developments on your extensions now and make them compatible around October!
  33. Tips from the Core Team & Mergers Keep the feature

    freeze deadline in mind! ▪ TYPO3 v13 LTS will be feature-complete on 17 September 2024 ▪ So if you‘re desperately missing a feature – now is your time to get things going!
  34. Usage Statistics: Trends & Observations ▪ Adoption rate of Version

    12.4 is still really low ▪ TYPO3 Version 11.5 LTS is currently the most used version ▪ Still a lot of unsupported, outdated installations out there • Almost 30% run on Version 7.6 or older
  35. Usage Statistics: Trends & Observations ▪ Quite a few sites

    updated from outdated / older versions to v11.5 LTS • Gain of ca. 2,5 % ▪ Unsupported TYPO3 Versions dropped by 2,5 % • ca. 3,5 % growth in supported LTS versions • ca. 2,5 % decrease in ELTS supported versions ▪ Last ELTS cycle for v8.7 ended on March 31st 2024 • This might result in a significant increase in unsupported versions
  36. ARE YOU READY FOR TYPO3 V13? Check out the sprint

    releases and help us prepare for v13 LTS!