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Using pop-up innovation labs to reduce the gap between idea and execution

Using pop-up innovation labs to reduce the gap between idea and execution

Pop-up innovation labs increase the speed of innovation by reducing the time taken from idea to the first version of a product, service or experience. A focused team of researchers, designers, developers and business stakeholders can discover unmet needs, prototype solutions, test them with customers and develop a first release in a matter of weeks rather than months. Whilst accelerating invention, they also involve a wide range of stakeholders, can inspire large organisations and work well alongside more traditional approaches to innovation.

Through a collection of case studies, we'll explain how to set-up and run a pop-up innovation lab. We'll expose the process, define the typical outcomes and talk about their relative strengths and weaknesses compared to other innovation approaches. Finally, we'll look at how you draw the outcomes of a pop-up innovation lab back into the host organisation to inspire the whole organisation. The case studies will be drawn from our studios work on everything from library services to retail stores of the future.

Updated on 14 June 2016 after I refreshed the slides for UX Scotland.

Paul Jervis Heath

June 12, 2015

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  1. MODERN HUMAN POP-UP INNOVATION LABS Reducing the gap between idea

    and execution MODERN HUMAN Paul-Jervis Heath Founding Principal and Chief Designer
 UX Scotland on Wednesday 8 June 2016
  2. MODERN HUMAN MODERN HUMAN Imagine what’s next. We’re a boutique

    design practice and innovation consultancy that specialises in imagining disruptive new products, services and experiences and then making them a reality. http://modernhuman.co @modhuman #popuplab
  3. MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman #popuplab MODERN HUMAN Pop-up Innovation Lab

    Pop-up innovation labs bring together a small team with the goal of inventing a solution in an accelerated timeframe by using a combination of design thinking and practical design methods.
  4. MODERN HUMAN Choose the location The space needs to support

    a variety of working styles: intense collaboration; subteams and independent work. There needs to be 3 wall areas for data, synthesis and concepts. http://modernhuman.co @modhuman #popuplab
  5. MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman #popuplab Form a team The team

    should come from a variety of disciplines: design and technology skills are important, but so are sales, support, marketing and product development skills. A broad range of perspectives, seniority and tenure within the business is crucial. MODERN HUMAN
  6. MODERN HUMAN _ At least two designers _ Design researcher

    _ Technologist _ Product owner or client business owner _ Client subject matter experts (e.g. sales, support, product development) Our team roles http://modernhuman.co @modhuman #popuplab
  7. MODERN HUMAN Establishing the interactive structure and flow between a

    human and a product, service or environment. Driving the concept direction Inventive: generating ideas toward a solution Conceptual and Generative GENERATOR http://modernhuman.co @modhuman #popuplab Articulating and synthesising the overall experience users have with the product, service, or environment. Ensuring that the concept is coherent and satisfies user needs and goals Synthesis of ideas, defining the problem, clarifying the solution, explicating rationale Analysis, communication, methodical, synthetic SYNTHESISER
  8. MODERN HUMAN A broad group of stakeholders helps the results

    of the process gain traction in the organisation http://modernhuman.co @modhuman #popuplab
  9. MODERN HUMAN Adapt the method The space needs to support

    a variety of working styles: intense collaboration; subteams and independent work. There needs to be 3 wall areas for data, synthesis and concepts.

    @modhuman #popuplab Adapted from: Diffusion of Innovations, Everett M Rogers. (1962). Crossing the Chasm, Geoffrey Moore. (1991).
  11. MODERN HUMAN WORKAROUNDS Quick, seemingly efficient solutions that address the

    symptoms of a problem not the root cause. VALUES People’s values play an important role in their motivations. What do they value? What’s important to them? What’s not? INERTIA Situations in which customers act out of habit. How can you leverage or break that inertia? SHOULD VS WANT The tension between things they crave in the moment and things they know are good for them. How can you help people move from where they are to where they want to be? What are we looking for? http://modernhuman.co @modhuman #popuplab
  12. MODERN HUMAN – Leo McGinneva, about whom the internet knows

    almost nothing. “People don’t want to buy a ¼ inch drill. They want a ¼ inch hole.” http://modernhuman.co @modhuman #popuplab

    Adapted from: What do prototypes prototype? 
 Stephanie Houde and Charles Hill (1997). http://modernhuman.co @modhuman #popuplab
  14. MODERN HUMAN Choose the right methods and give them the

    right amount of time, otherwise everyone will be disappointed http://modernhuman.co @modhuman #popuplab
  15. MODERN HUMAN Establish the brief It is important to establish

    the right brief before you start any human- centred design project. The project team should return to the brief throughout the project to ensure that their work is addressing the right issues.
  16. MODERN HUMAN Evolutionary Revolutionary Incremental NEW USERS NEW OFFERING EXISTING

    USERS EXISTING OFFERING Evolutionary http://modernhuman.co @modhuman #popuplab
  17. MODERN HUMAN _ Assemble the team, make sure everyone meets

    _ Define the business reason for the pop-up lab and a statement of the brief _ Establish the stakeholder group _ Establish the tempo: book all meetings with stakeholders in advance _ Recruit research participants Housekeeping before a pop-up lab http://modernhuman.co @modhuman #popuplab
  18. MODERN HUMAN _ Get buy-in for further development or rollout

    from executive stakeholders _ Validate the roadmap _ Share the concept widely After a pop-up lab http://modernhuman.co @modhuman #popuplab
  19. MODERN HUMAN _ Storyboards, high-fidelity mockups _ Day in the

    life video _ Project website, blog or wiki Sharing the outcomes widely http://modernhuman.co @modhuman #popuplab
  20. MODERN HUMAN _ Tangible outputs _ Convincing presentation of concepts

    _ Actionable: roadmap shows you what to do next _ Based on real user needs _ Distinct but not divorced from the commercial process _ Supports the business case for a permanent innovation unit Advantages http://modernhuman.co @modhuman #popuplab