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AppDeveloperCon 2024 EU: Building polyglot developer experiences in 2024

March 23, 2024

AppDeveloperCon 2024 EU: Building polyglot developer experiences in 2024

for more information visit: https://salaboy.com


March 23, 2024

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  1. Building polyglot developer experiences in 2024 Building “Cloud Native” apps

    without dying in the process Disclaimer: Almost no YAML has been produced for this presentation.
  2. Why are we here? - Show a solutions-based way to

    code, build and ship applications - New tools are constantly introduced, it is hard to judge the impact on developers teams - Teams suffer from slow feedback loop cycles due fragmentation in tools ecosystem and complex environments - It is hard to create consistent experiences when glueing tools that were conceived with different use cases in mind
  3. Core idea Remember how it felt when you were able

    to have a good understanding of the system mostly by mostly checking at the code
  4. Marcos Lilljedahl (@marcosnils) Software engineer @Dagger Mauricio Salatino (@salaboy) Software

    engineer @Diagrid @Knative @Dapr @Keptn - Distributed systems - Developer tools - Platform engineering (before it was cool) - OSS maintainer & contributor
  5. - Containers, configurations and Environments - Services are tied to

    the provided infrastructure - Different delivery pipeline and practices with very little reuse, small difference can cause slowdowns and issues Challenges
  6. Databases KV Stores Message Brokers Secret Stores A unified programming

    model exposing application-level APIs for building distributed apps using best practice software patterns and practices with complete code portability across cloud and edge. Distributed Application Runtime
  7. Dagger is CI as code (and much more)! Transform your

    messy scripts into code pipelines that run the same way locally and in CI
  8. Dagger • Your team's "designated devops person", hoping to replace

    a pile of artisanal scripts with something more powerful. • A platform engineer writing custom tooling, with the goal of unifying application delivery across organizational silos. • A cloud-native developer advocate or solutions engineer, looking to demonstrate a complex integration on short notice.
  9. name: dagger on: push: branches: [main] jobs: build: name: build

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest steps: - uses: actions/checkout@v3 - name: Call Dagger Function uses: dagger/dagger-for-github@v5 with: workdir: go/result verb: call args: test --dir . 28 .github/workflows/dagger.yml
  10. Dagger Module for Dapr (Ecosystem) - Anyone can now create

    consistent experiences to work across environments for teams to leverage tools like Dapr or any other - We can rely on an a vibrant ecosystem of integrations to build API based solutions independently of the underlying language
  11. Takeaways - Hide complexity behind APIs - Build beautiful experiences

    for your teams - Always aim to reduce your teams’ cognitive load
  12. Thank you! If you are interested in these topics don’t

    miss out: The IaC Evolution - on Open Source & Everything Else - Sharone Zitzman, RTFM Please; Mandi Walls, PagerDuty; Roni Frantchi, env0; Solomon Hykes, Dagger.io; Eran Bibi, Firefly Thursday, March 21 • 11:55 - 12:30 Keynote: A 10-year Detour: The Future of Application Delivery in a Containerized World - Solomon Hykess, CEO, Dagger.io Friday, March 22 • 09:15 - 09:30 Thursday, March 21 • 11:55 - 12:30 Unlocking New Platform Experiences with Open Interfaces - Thomas Vitale + Mauricio Salatino