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Ecommerce SEO Tactics for Luxury Brands

Ecommerce SEO Tactics for Luxury Brands

Luxury clients (regardless of the industry) tend to ask the same questions:
- How can we compete with (insert another brand that sells cheaper products)?
- How can we reach the right audience (who can afford our products)?

In this talk, Greta will teach you what ecommerce SEO tactics work best for (stubborn) luxury brands. She will discuss everything from targeting the right audience and aligning your content strategy to luxury page experience.

Greta Koivikko

September 13, 2023

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  1. We’re the UK’s largest team of eCommerce SEO specialists. We

    help you to grow your non-brand SEO with a tailored strategy incorporating technical SEO, content marketing and digital PR.
  2. How the luxury market is changing How SEO can benefit

    luxury brands How to reach the right audience Why page experience matters What role content plays What you’ll learn today.
  3. We had a client that sold dressing gowns. £500 £750

    £850 £1,750 Their cheapest dressing gown cost £295. When they came to us, they had their dressing gown PLP optimised for “womens dressing gowns”. What was the problem? Real-life example:
  4. We have Next ranking in position 1 followed by M&S,

    John Lewis and ASDA. This means that the average customer searching for “womens dressing gowns” is not willing to drop £500 for a dressing gown. Our client was trying to cast their net too wide by going after this generic keyword. Let’s look at the SERP.
  5. There are ways to optimise for affluent audience without calling

    yourself “luxury” or “designer”. Look into the modifiers the customers within your niche use when they search. These long-tail keywords tend to have relatively low search volume but less competition and higher conversion rates. Material Method Occasion Country You may have to be more discreet.
  6. It does look cool on the desktop. It takes nearly

    10 seconds to load the homepage on mobile. First things first. Don’t sacrifice site speed for visuals.
  7. Nice picture but to where am I supposed to navigate

    from here? Le Creuset nailing their 404 page with playful messaging and links to most popular products. Don’t let a 404 be the end of a customer journey.
  8. Would you drop nearly $2,000 dollars on a product with

    just image? vs Ensure product images show the size of the product.
  9. A visitor is aware of a general product, but does

    not know the specifics of what they want. Awareness A visitor has an intent to purchase a particular product and knows what they are in the market for. Conversion A customer has been purchased and a customer is looking for information about how they can be used or looked after. Post Conversion A visitor has decided on a product, and is looking for comparisons and options to find the perfect item. Consideration A visitor does not have a particular product in mind, but is searching for inspiration and general information. Research luxury anniversary gift ideas for her how to buy jewellery for girlfriend silver vs gold bracelets buy cartier love bracelet how to clean cartier love bracelet BUYING GUIDES / COMPARISON ARTICLES HOW TO / STYLE GUIDES PLPs & PDPs CARE / USE GUIDES INSPIRATIONAL / TANGENTIAL CONTENT Create content to target every stage of the funnel.
  10. 5 key takeaways 1. Luxury consumers are getting younger and

    brands must adapt to avoid digital dissatisfaction and value conflict. 2. With 1/3 of all luxury sales are expected to take place online by 2030, luxury brands must adopt an ecommerce strategy – whether they sell products online or not. 3. To reach the right audience organically, luxury brands must differentiate their targeting from mass market brands. 4. The ecommerce page experience should be as seamless as visiting your flagship store. 5. Create content to target every stage of the conversion funnel to increase retention.
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