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WordPress: The One Stop Shop For Your Podcast

Joe Casabona
January 09, 2021

WordPress: The One Stop Shop For Your Podcast

Podcasting is growing more each day, and there are lots and lots of tools emerging to help people podcast. From Libsyn to Patreon, podcasters need to manage several different platforms to make their show as good as possible.

But with WordPress, you can handle the podcast, shop, community, and membership all in one place. With the right plugins, it makes WordPress the only platform you need for your podcast.

Joe Casabona

January 09, 2021

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  1. STEPS TO START A PODCAST • Choose a topic &

    name • Record a few episodes • Buy a domain & web hosting • Get audio hosting • Install WordPress • Get a podcasting plugin • Publish & submit!
  2. GEAR YOU NEED • A Decent Mic • Pop Filter

    • Boom Arm (optional) • Headphones • Links to everything: https://casabona.org/wordfest
  3. A PODCAST NEEDS A HOME • Podcasts should have a

    website • They allow for a central place for content, RSS*, and Canonical Links** • Setting Up a good website for your podcast can help it grow *Really Simple Syndication - needed to get your podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more **The one true source for your content.

    • Good Hosting • WordPress • A Podcast Plugin
  5. THE 5 AREAS YOU MIGHT ALSO WANT • Managing Sponsors

    • Managing Transcripts • Adding Merch • Adding Memberships • Creating Community
  6. PICK YOUR NAME • Pick a name that communicates the

    show’s message • Do a search on Apple Podcasts to make sure it’s unique enough • You want it to stand out! • Get the domain, social media
  7. CHOOSING THE RIGHT DOMAIN • .com or .fm (in this

    specific case) • Make it short (11 characters or fewer) • Make it speakable • Make it memorable - try to match the show name • Have alternates available
  8. CHOOSING GOOD HOSTING • Easy WordPress Setup • Good Support

    • Let’s Encrypt for SSL • Backups • Should be Different from Media/Audio Hosting
  9. WHY SEPARATE AUDIO HOSTING? • Specialization means faster downloads •

    If your site goes down, your podcast won’t • Advanced Analytics • Custom (or customizable) audio players
  10. WHY WORDPRESS? • Streamlines entire website setup process • Used

    by over 39% of web • Strong community • Great tools for podcasting • Easily add blog, shop, or community as well
  11. EVALUATING PODCAST PLUGINS • Consider if your podcast host has

    a WordPress plugin • Make sure it has Apple Podcast compliant RSS feeds • Look at the features - how customizable is everything? • Does it play nice with other themes and plugins?
  12. TRANSCRIPTS • MUST for podcasts. They help with both accessibility

    and SEO • Seriously Simple Podcasting has a great Transcripts Extension. • You can also use an accordion block to show/hide transcripts right on the post/page.
  13. SPONSORSHIPS • Several Ways to Manage Sponsors! • Have a

    Page with Info about Sponsorships • Simple Sponsorships WordPress Plugin • Sell through Gravity Forms or Ninja Forms • Groundhogg or WP-CRM
  14. WHY / HOW • Great Way to Help Listeners Show

    Support! • Make some money, but people LOVE swag • Low barrier for entry: • Sell merch with WooCommerce (natch) • Use a service like Printful to get Print-on-Demand merchandise directly in your WooCommerce shop
  15. WHY MEMBERSHIPS? • You’re not fully reliant on sponsors (diverse

    income streams) • You can offer your listeners more content (or other perks) • You can create a stronger fan-base and community
  16. HOW? • LOTS of options in this space. • Try

    to find something that supports private podcast or RSS feeds. • Castos natively supports this through Zapier • Other plugins: RCP , Paid Memberships Pro, Wishlist Member, WooCommerce Memberships/Subscriptions
  17. WHY / HOW? • Even if you don’t have a

    membership, you can still create a community of listeners. • This will allow further discussion of episodes, and even generate content ideas. • How: bbPress, BuddyPress, or Discourse all offer direct WordPress and SSO integration. • If you don’t need SSO, check out PeerBoard, which has a WordPress plugin.
  18. @jcasabona OTHER HELPFUL TOOLS • Fusebox • Podcast Subscribe Buttons

    • SearchWP • ThirstyAffiliates • Astra • Second Line Themes • StudioPress PLUGINS THEMES
  19. Consultant & Educator I help tell your story. @jcasabona -

    casabona.org/wordfest I’M JOE CASABONA