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How To Learn

How To Learn

In our careers as software developers, one of the biggest challenges we face is “keeping up.” I personally know a COBOL developer that is freaking out because there’s “no development work.” This obviously isn’t the case, but because he let his technical skills age over time, he’s now much like the horse carriage repairman that thought automobiles were a fad. This talk will give you some inspiration to learn something new, while showing you some simple ways to make it a reality.

Jeff Blankenburg

April 20, 2012

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  1. kilobyte (103) megabyte (106) gigabyte (109) terabyte (1012) petabyte (1015)

    exabyte (1018) zettabyte (1021) the internet is currently about 500 exabytes in 2020, it’s estimated to be 35 zettabytes
  2. the stuff you learn as a sophomore is old news

    when you graduate (assuming you take four years)
  3. Riding A Bicycle 101 1. Sit on the bicycle, facing

    forward. 2. Pedal clockwise to provide power. 3. Rotate handlebars to turn. 4. Have fun!