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Taming BIG Rails Applications with Component Based Architecture

Taming BIG Rails Applications with Component Based Architecture

Starting a new Rails app is a fun adventure. It’s a wide open pasture of conventions. Then it gets to a point. We all know what that point is. It’s when running the test suite takes a few minutes. It’s when you have to think hard about where new functionality goes. It’s when you have to add yet another method to the user object. It’s when tracking down bugs takes half your day.

How do you tame your large Rails application? How do you always keep your test suite small? How do you build your application in such a way that refactoring is straight forward?

We will take a look at concrete steps we can take to break down and refactor our BIG Rails application into smaller gems and engines so we can be happy once more.

Jamie Wright

August 26, 2014

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  2. > app > config > db > lib > log

    > vendor > engine_name
  3. > Gemfile > Rakefile > app > bin > config

    > lib > test > engine_name
  4. > Gemfile > Rakefile > app > bin > config

    > lib > spec > ebert > app > components
  5. Fin