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Turning Sawdust into Gold: Leveraging the Byproducts of Your Tech Journey

October 20, 2023

Turning Sawdust into Gold: Leveraging the Byproducts of Your Tech Journey

Explore the art of uncovering hidden treasures in your tech journey. Learn to turn unintended byproducts of your work into valuable assets. This talk is all about finding unexpected opportunities, embracing change, and making the most of your tech career.


October 20, 2023

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  1. "I'm a techie with a knack, I can code and

    hack, I can build a website or an app, no matter the stack." Can you say this in 2.5 seconds?
  2. Meet Me 👋 Hello! I'm Love Otudor, a Google-certified Android

    developer and Technical writer. 👩‍💻 I Currently work as an Android developer at Frontendlabs and I am passionate about contributing to open source projects. I am a Google Women Techmakers Ambassador (WTM) and currently co-lead the WTM Uyo and GDG Uyo community.
  3. Agenda The Carpenter’s story The Tech Journey Unintended Byproducts What

    Is "Sawdust" in Tech? Turning Sawdust into Gold
  4. What Is "Sawdust" in Tech? Knowledge and Learnings Sample Projects

    or Code Snippet Network: Peers, Mentors, Mentees New Project Ideas Failures
  5. Share Your Knowledge and Learnings Write and share a blog

    post or an article Give a presentation or workshop Create how to tutorial videos Share your knowledge with a wider audience and to get feedback from others. A more personal way to share your knowledge and to interact with others. Creating step-by-step guides to build a sample project and document your thought process.
  6. Contribute and Collaborate Contribute to Open Source.Good First Issue and

    First Contributions are websites that curates a list of beginner friendly issues from a variety of open source projects. Collaborate with your Network to build projects Make your Projects open source Create Git Gists and talk about them