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Light-Hearted Lessons and Tools from the Front Lines

Light-Hearted Lessons and Tools from the Front Lines

Speaker: Lauren Yang
Event: 梅竹黑客松企業參訪

LINE Developers Taiwan

January 30, 2024

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  1. 01 02 03 04 Collaborative Development with GitOps Kafka 101:

    Basics and Architecture Utilizing Grafana & Prometheus for Insightful Dashboards Data Flow Mastery Insights into Monitoring Charting a Path from Learning to Contributing Internship Chronicles Code Management CONTENT
  2. IaC

  3. Data Flow Mastery Kafka 101: Basics and Architecture Image source:

  4. Asked my colleagues for things I didn’t understand 1. Seeking

    Help from Colleagues Delved into the source code, learning by tracing the logic and structure firsthand 2. Learning Through Code Applied the knowledge to small-scale projects, helping demystify the tools and made the learning process tangible 3. Practical Application Ways to Overcome:
  5. Customize my resume for each position by including relevant keywords

    from the job description. 1. Looked for keywords in the JD 2. Prepare a Presentation with Slides Learn more about the company and the specific role to better understand their needs and how I can contribute 3. Research the Company Background Create slides that showcase the projects I've worked on, including high-level architecture diagrams or project screenshots How did I prepare: