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Redmine.tokyo 12 questionnaire

Redmine.tokyo 12 questionnaire


May 13, 2017

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  1. Redmine OS؀ڥ Mac OS X ͷϢʔβʔ͕ݮগɻ [Windows ͷ಺༁] :39 Bitnami

    :29, redmine.orgߏங: 10 [Unix(Linux)ͷ಺༁] :75 Bitnami :14, redmine.orgߏங: 52 ALMinium : 3 OSύοέʔδ : 6
  2. ͓קΊorΑ͘ར༻͍ͯ͠ΔϓϥάΠϯ ථ view customize ථ Issue Template ථ Wiki Lists

    ථ Work Time, Banner, Clipboard Image Paste (Attach image from clipboard) ථ LycheeγϦʔζ, Knowledgebase, Easy Gantt (Free) ථ Wiki Extensions, slack ࿈ܞ ථ Full text search plugin, Change Notifier, Journal Change Notifier, Anko Ganttchart, jsToolbar Buttons Extension, Enter Cancel, Pivot Table, plantuml, Serial number field, Sidebar Hide, Custom Auto-Complete, Wiki UNC, Backlogs, Issue Checklist, News Notification, Default Query