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Redmine.tokyo 10 questionnaire

Redmine.tokyo 10 questionnaire


May 14, 2016

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  1. Redmine OS؀ڥ Windows ΋݁ߏ࢖ΘΕ͍ͯ·͕͢ɺBitnami ͕ଟ͍Ͱ͢Ͷɻ [Windows ͷ಺༁] Bitnami :26, redmine.orgߏங:

    9 [Unix(Linux)ͷ಺༁] Bitnami :11, redmine.orgߏங: 55, ALMinium : 8 OSύοέʔδ : 10
  2. ͓קΊorΑ͘ར༻͍ͯ͠ΔϓϥάΠϯ ථ Work Time, view customize, LycheeγϦʔζ ථ Issue Template

    ථ Backlogs ථ Sidebar Hide, Code review, clipboard image paste ථ absolute_dates, Banner ,Checklists, Importer, knowlegebase, Wiki extension ථ comment_only, Correct_Spelling, CRM(Pro version), dmsf, entercancel, EVM, Export CSV with Journals, Extended Reminder, Gantt with date, glossary, Wiki Graphviz-macro, jsToolbar Buttons Extensio, scm, Select2, tags, Watcher Filter, Wiki Lists, Work Days, workload, Ψϯτνϟʔτ, εΫϥϜ, ϑΥϧμ؅ཧ, ؀ڥม਺ઃఆ