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How To Teach Subject Pronouns: An Introductory ESL Lesson Plan

How To Teach Subject Pronouns: An Introductory ESL Lesson Plan

This is a great lesson to teach beginner students. Still your student(s) should have prior knowledge of how to use the verb be and basic sentences in the present simple tense. In addition, this lesson should be used with students that can identify basic parts of speech including verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs. That way they will be able to utilize subject pronouns correctly and confidently.

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June 20, 2022

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  2. Match pictures to sentences B C He is tall. We

    are happy. A They are relaxing. It is a big tree. D
  3. I am Tom. I am a teacher. I play tennis.

    I eat Italian food. I drink coffee.
  4. You are Alex. You are my wife. You work in

    an office. You like swimming. You drink tea.
  5. He is Bill. He is strong. He likes sports. He

    goes to school. He drinks milk.
  6. She is Stephanie. She is my daughter. She does not

    work. She drinks juice. She plays the violin.
  7. It is … It is a dog. It is a

    cat. It is a house.
  8. It is … It is a car. It is a

    garden. It is a city.
  9. We are Tom, Stephanie, Bill, and Alex We are a

    family. We play sports. We like pizza. We like movies.
  10. You are Stephanie, Bill, and Alex You play sports. You

    eat Japanese food. You like swimming.
  11. They are Bill and Stephanie. They go to school. They

    like basketball. They live in America.
  12. Review! Subject Example Singular I you he she it I

    play tennis. You like swimming. He drinks milk. She wakes up early. It has a tail. Plural we you they We go to the beach. You live in a house. They speak Italian.
  13. I am reading a book. It is good. I am

    reading some books. They are good. John works for a big company. He is a manager. John and I work for a big company. We are managers. Subject pronouns A subject pronoun takes the place of a noun.
  14. This is John … ______ is 15. ______ is from

    France. ______ speaks French. ______ likes chocolate. John likes football, and ______ also likes baseball. ______ likes to eat fruit.
  15. This is Jane … _____ is 24. _____ is a

    doctor. _____ works in a hospital. _____ loves pizza. Jane enjoys basketball, but ______ doesn’t like tennis. ______ lives in Chicago.
  16. Edward and Helen … _____ are Spanish. _____ live in

    Madrid. _____ like to play tennis. Edward and Helen play musical instruments, and ______ play in a band on the weekend. ______ like to go to the movies.
  17. Pick a subject for each sentence 1. Jane likes chocolate.

    She likes chocolate. 1. Roger plays tennis. __________ plays tennis. 1. Tony and Andrew live in London. __________ live in London. 1. Anne likes carrots, but ______ doesn’t like cucumbers.
  18. Pick a subject for each sentence 5. Peter and I

    play computer games. __________ play computer games on the weekend. 6. Lisa, Carlo and Helen speak English. __________ speak English at school.
  19. Pick a subject for each sentence 7. Tony and I

    like tennis, but __________ don’t like golf. 8. Andrew likes cats, but __________ doesn’t like dogs. 9. Sarah and Felix speak French, but __________ don’t speak Spanish.
  20. Pick a subject for each sentence 10. Diana eats fruit,

    but __________ doesn’t eat vegetables. 11. Sarah and I work in a restaurant. __________ cook food.
  21. Pick a subject for each sentence 12. __________ walks in

    the park. 13. __________ is from France.
  22. Match pictures to sentences B C It is small. It

    moves fast. It is hungry. A It can run quickly. D
  23. Match pictures to sentences B C They like hiking. They

    go to school. They are fun to read. A
  24. This is Sydney… ______ is a big city. ______ is

    in Australia. ______ is hot in summer. ______ has lots of beaches. Sydney is a big city, but ______ is not the capital city of Australia.
  25. These are monkeys… __________ live in the jungle. __________ can

    climb trees. __________ like to eat fruit, and __________ also eat leaves.
  26. Pick a subject for each sentence 16. That’s a beautiful

    dog. _________ looks like a Labrador. 17. I like these shoes. __________ are nice.
  27. Pick a subject for each sentence 18. We have two

    cats. __________ are black and white. 19. They have a car. __________ is a Mercedes.
  28. Pick a subject for each sentence 20. This is a

    picture of London. __________ is a big city. 21. These are parrots. __________ live in a jungle.
  29. Pick a subject for each sentence 24. These are wild

    animals. __________ live in Africa. 25. I like chocolate cake. ______ is delicious!
  30. Use it, he, she or they 26. The shoes are

    expensive. They are expensive. 27. Paris is a big city. 28. Toby is French.
  31. Pick a subject for each sentence 22. I like this

    coat, but ______ is expensive. 23. These are eagles. _______ can fly very fast.
  32. Use it, he, she, or they 29. Alicia comes from

    Spain. 30. Bora and Katy are friends. 31. The castle is in Italy.