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An Introductory ESL Lesson Plan On Object Pronouns

An Introductory ESL Lesson Plan On Object Pronouns

This lesson is perfect to use with beginner students. It is designed for introducing object pronouns to beginner students. Additionally, it is great to use as a practice or review lesson. In any case, when using this lesson students should have an understanding of how to use subject pronouns.

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June 20, 2022

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  1. N2.1 – Object pronouns ESL Lesson Plan Tags: me, you,

    him, her, it, us, them me him them
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  3. Match pictures and sentences B C He is from Turkey

    . You are a teacher. We are 14 years old. A
  4. Match pictures to sentences B C They are expensive shoes.

    It is a new car. She speaks English. A
  5. Subject I you he she it we you they I

    play tennis. You speak English. He likes bread. She talks to her friend. It snows in London. We go to France. You read books. They are Spanish. Remember! subject pronouns
  6. Match pictures and sentences B C He is my friend.

    I know him. I like this book. I want to read it. These are nice shoes. I want to buy them. A
  7. Andrew likes it It I don’t like this book. You

    can have it. I like milk. I like to drink it. I love this red dress. I can buy it.
  8. Andrew likes them Them I don’t like vegetables. I don’t

    like them. This is Greg and Sally. Rebecca knows them. These are beautiful shoes. I will buy them.
  9. Subjects and Objects Subject Sentence I You He She It

    We You They I like Sarah. You like Sarah. He likes Sarah. She likes Sarah. It likes Sarah. We like Sarah. You like Sarah They like Sarah. Sentence Object Sarah likes me. Sarah likes you. Sarah likes him. Sarah likes her. Sarah likes it. Sarah likes us. Sarah likes you. Sarah likes them. Me You Him Her It Us You Them
  10. Use her / him / it / them 1. I

    don’t know that lady. Do you know __________? 1. I don’t know that man. Do you know __________? 3. I don’t know those people. Do you know __________?
  11. Use her / him / it / them 4. I

    like Paris. Do you like __________? 4. I like pizza. Do you like __________? 6. I like apples and bananas. Do you like __________?
  12. her / him / it / them 7. I know

    Sally very well. I know her very well. 8. We like to eat pizza. 9. He loves cheese.
  13. her / him / it / them 10. We like

    David and Lindsey. 10. I work with Chris. 12. We know Julie and Dan.
  14. I like… I don’t like… 13. I don’t eat broccoli.

    I don’t like it. 13. He is a nice person. I like __________. 15. This is my new house. Do you like __________?
  15. I like… I don’t like… 16. She is a bad

    person. I don’t like __________. 16. These are my new shoes. Do you like __________? 18. I know George and Jane. Do you like __________?
  16. This is Martha … 19. I can see __________. 19.

    Alex knows __________. 21. We like __________.
  17. This is Martin … 22. Beatrice knows __________. 22. We

    don’t like __________. 24. They talk to __________.
  18. This is Jenny and Ben... 25. Helen knows _________. 26.

    I don’t know __________. 27. Do you like __________?
  19. Which is correct? 28. I/me am hungry. I am hungry.

    29. Tony knows we/us. 30. Jane likes she/her. 31. He/Him is a tall man. 32. It/They is a new car.
  20. Which one is correct? 33. Jane and Tony know he/him.

    33. Andrew likes we/us. 33. They/Them are nice glasses. 33. Do you know they/them? 33. Do you know I/me? 38. We know she/her.
  21. Match pictures and sentences B C They are coming with

    us. Who is that man? Why are you looking at him? This is my sister. I live with her. A
  22. Object pronouns and prepositions Preposition Object Pronoun With To At

    For On Me Us You Him Her It Them Preposition Object Pronoun
  23. We use object pronouns after prepositions before after at in

    on with Prepositions Can you give the letter to her? I will come with you. Where is my phone? You are sitting on it! Why are you looking at him? to
  24. Choose the correct pronoun … 39. Where is mom? I

    want to talk to __________. 39. Who are those people? Why are you looking at __________?
  25. Choose the correct pronoun … 41. We are going to

    the shop. Do you want to come with __________? 41. I am playing now. You can use the computer game after __________. 43. Excuse me… but I was waiting in line before __________!
  26. Choose the correct pronoun(s) … 44. Peter plays the piano.

    He plays it very well. 44. Lisa plays the flute. ____ plays ____ well. 46. Tony and Jane are going to the movies with Peter. He is meeting ____ at 8 o’clock.
  27. Choose the correct pronoun(s) … 47. You can have these

    books. ____ don’t want ____. 48. I cannot find the key! Can you see ____?
  28. Make sentences! 49. You / at it / are looking

    You are looking at it. 50. is coming / He / with us 51. them / don’t / We / like