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Free ESL Lesson Plan: Life In Canada

August 21, 2022

Free ESL Lesson Plan: Life In Canada

This is a great lesson to use with your pre-Intermediate students that are looking to practice speaking, reading, and grammar skills. Also, this is a fantastic lesson to use as a review with students moving to the intermediate level. Since this resource involves several speaking activities, you can rest assured that it is useful in larger classroom settings and for one on one tutoring.

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August 21, 2022

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    teacher-led lesson plan is designed using the communicative approach - perfect for teaching students online or in any screen-enabled classroom. To access the Teacher Notes and Answer Key, or to assign homework, click here to set up your free Off2class account. Don’t forget to join the discussion on Facebook to get access to other great tools for online ESL instruction.
  2. Which Canadian animals do you know? salmon a beaver a

    moose a bear a chipmunk a racoon a skunk
  3. What do you know about Canada’s largest city? University of

    Toronto downtown Chinatown Koreatown Little Italy The Annex
  4. Fun things to explore in Toronto! a ravine High Park

    to go cycling a bike lane Toronto Islands
  5. My name is Thomas. I live in Toronto, the largest

    city in Canada. Toronto is not the capital city of Canada. Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. Toronto is on the shore of Lake Ontario. Lake Ontario is one of the five Great Lakes. The Great Lakes are some of the biggest lakes in the world. Canada is a very big country; it is the second largest country in the world! I am a student. I study science at the University of Toronto. I hope to become a doctor when I finish university. The University of Toronto is the biggest university in Canada. The University of Toronto is located in the center of the city. We call the center of our city, the downtown.
  6. For lunch I like to go to Chinatown. Chinatown has

    many Asian restaurants and shops. In Chinatown, I like to order duck and rice. In Toronto we have many other interesting neighborhoods, including Little Italy, Little Portugal and Koreatown.
  7. to be continued… When I finish school I like to

    ride my bike. There are many bike lanes in this city. Toronto has many beautiful parks and ravines. Ravines are forest areas in the city. Each ravine has a river or creek that runs through it. Ravines are great places to ride your bike or to go for a run, because it is quiet and peaceful, right in the middle of the city. Canada has long winters. At the end of winter, we make maple syrup. Maple syrup is very sweet. It is made from sap, which comes out of maple trees at the end of winter and is collected. I love putting maple syrup on pancakes, waffles and French toast. It is delicious!
  8. Think about these questions! What can you remember about Canada?

    What is the capital city? What is the largest city? What animals does Canada have? What food do people eat? What can you remember about Toronto? Which groups of immigrants live there?
  9. Now, tell your teacher! Canada… (Where is it? Is it

    a large country?) Toronto is… (What do you know about this city?) There are many interesting animals like… My favorite animal from Canada is…
  10. Now, tell your teacher! People in Canada like to… (What

    do they like to do?) They also like to… In winter Canadians make maple syrup. It comes from… (Can you remember where it comes from?) If I visit Canada, I would like to…