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Introductory ESL Lesson Plan: A/An With Nouns

Introductory ESL Lesson Plan: A/An With Nouns

This lesson is designed for beginner English learners looking to understand how to use the articles a/an with nouns. This lesson is also good for you to use as a review of professions and related vocabulary.

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June 20, 2022

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  1. N5.1 – A/An with nouns Lesson 1/1 Alternative Tags: articles,

    indefinite articles, determiners a house an animal I am a student Tennis is a sport ESL Lesson Plan
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  3. Match the nouns and pictures B C a cat a

    house A a question a flower D
  4. Match the nouns and pictures B C A a lemon

    a window a person D a chair
  5. a book, a box, a table, a chair A noun

    is a person or thing a + noun = one thing a woman, a man, a child, a student a + noun = one person
  6. Match the sentences and pictures B C A Henry works

    in a bank. That is a flower. This is an orange. There is a man in the swimming pool. D
  7. a flower, a bank, a question, a man Using a

    and an before nouns a + noun an apple, an elephant, an orange an + noun beginning with a / e / i / o / u
  8. An with a / e / i / o /u

    A E I O U an apple an elephant an island an orange an umbrella
  9. Your turn – use a or an with the nouns

    A airport B car C house D book E old book F jacket
  10. Your turn – use a or an with the nouns

    A potato B computer C orange D man E hat F umbrella
  11. hour and university an hour a university an hour not

    a hour (there is no ‘h’ sound) a university not an university (we say ‘yu’niversity)
  12. Your turn – use a or an with the nouns

    A B C hour university horse D E angry man mountain
  13. Match the pictures to sentences B C A A banana

    is a fruit. Alfred is a teacher. Blair is a florist. Basketball is a sport. D
  14. Different ways to use a and an Paris is a

    city. A bee is an insect. That is a tall building. We use a/an to say what a person or thing is. We use a/an for jobs and professions. I am a student. Mike is an electrician. Jacob is a teacher.
  15. What are these things? bird vegetable fruit sport A B

    C D a parrot a grapefruit broccoli football Example: Football is a sport.
  16. What are these things? musical instrument sport tool cooking utensil

    A B C D a clarinet a screwdriver a grater hockey
  17. What are these things? mountain planet country city A B

    C D Mont Blanc The USA Saturn London
  18. What does each person do? plumber surgeon shop assistant A

    Jane B Alex C Sylvia Example: Jane is a surgeon.
  19. Make sentences using a or an Picasso was… Napoleon was…

    Tchaikovsky was… Shakespeare was… Mark Twain was… Elizabeth I was… English queen. Spanish painter. French emperor. American writer. English writer. famous composer. a / an
  20. Make sentences using a/an + a noun 1. Alex wants

    to learn a foreign language. 2. Trish works in __________. 3. Stuart can ride __________. foreign language supermarket motorcycle
  21. Make sentences using a/an + a noun 4. Tomorrow we

    are going to __________. 5. The student wants to ask __________. 6. It’s raining outside so please take _________. umbrella question birthday party
  22. What are these things? musical instrument fireman animal tool John

    goat hammer French Ferrari piano is a/an language car
  23. Use a or an 7. Florence is a designer and

    an artist. 8. Birmingham is ____ city in England. 9. ___ orange has vitamin C. 10. Mercury is ___ small planet. 11. I am ___ student at ___ university in Spain. 12. William is waiting for ___ bus.
  24. Make sentences using a/an + a noun 13. Tennis is

    __________. 14. You can take pictures with __________. 15. You use __________ to understand the meaning of a new word. camera sport dictionary
  25. Make sentences using a/an + a noun 16. Look! I

    can see __________ in the sky. 17. He jumped on the chair because he saw __________. 18. The Nile is __________ in Africa. river plane mouse
  26. What are they doing? game song orange A Melissa is

    singing… B Robyn is eating… C Chris is playing…
  27. What are they doing? picture email avocado A Mike is

    writing… B Rachel is painting… C Helen is cutting…
  28. Make sentences about famous people 19. Einstein was a scientist.

    20. Gabriel Garcia Marquez was… 21. Louis XVI was… 22. Michelangelo was… 23. Ella Fitzgerald was… scientist painter writer French king singer
  29. Make your own sentences A Madonna D elm C Earth

    F volleyball E Italy B potato